Thursday, June 11, 2009

Florida road trip

Libby went on her first long road trip this past weekend. We just got back last night. We went to visit my Nana and Papa (Libby's Great Nana and Papa), to visit a good friend of mine, Angela and her adorable twin girls and to look at a car to buy. We were successful on all accounts and even got a few hours of beach time in. We travelled down with my Mom and Dad and stayed with my Uncle John, Aunt Donna and her three sons. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of Libby with them. :(
Here she is smelling Grammy's flowers before we left.
Here she is for the first time at a rest stop in Georgia. Very happy to be out of her seat!

Libby and her Great Nana

Libby and Great Papa

Libby and her Mum-mum? Or Grammy? Not sure what she'll call her yet.

At the beach with Poppy!

Libby and Mommy at the beach!

In her tube at the pool.

Grammy, Mommy and Libby in the pool.

We rented a cabana. She was supposed to take a nap, but who wants a nap when there's so much new stuff to see?
No, she's not laying out :) But she did decide it was finally time for a nap, about 10 minutes before we needed to leave.

Here is a video of her first time in a big pool. The water was the perfect temperature. She was more interested in looking at the water than looking at me. Oh well. Enjoy!