Friday, March 19, 2010

Libby loves... to help clean!

Libby is my little helper now. She loves to try to do whatever I'm doing. She loves to clean! She is very intelligent and watches everything I do. Here is a video of her putting her toys away. She does this frequently now (especially with the kitchen toys).

She also watches me sweep and mop the floor with our wonderful Swiffers. She's tried several times to pull them out from beside the fridge, but they're a bit too heavy for her to push around. She found this beside the fridge the other day and decided it would work just as well. All on her own she started pushing it around the floor trying to clean.

As much as I don't want her to grow up, it will help when she's big enough to actually do some cleaning!

I love my little helper.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Libby loves... Rose!

One of Libby's favorite things to do now is to climb onto Rose's back. I'm just waiting to Rose to stand up sometime to see what happens. Libby would go flying!
She loves Rose!
Rose's face is funny in this one.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We had a playdate last week with some of Libby's friends. Here are a few pics from it.
Libby, ready for her friends to arrive.

Trying to figure out what is so interesting.

Two sweet girls.

The three kiddos. The small age difference is hardly apparent at this age.
Libby with the serious face.
Switch-up, Gavin with the serious face.
Libby and Lucy thought something was pretty funny. Gavin is not impressed.
Libby looks like she's yelling at Lucy, and Lucy looks like she's responding, "I don't have to listen to you, and your breath stinks!" :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clothes, clothes, clothes!

Here's a funny picture of Libby with some of Matt's old goggles that Matt's parents found at their house. :)
Here is a picture of an outfit Libby will never get to wear (other than today). After going to the consignment blowout event Duck-Duck-Goose, I pulled out all Libby's next size clothes to evaluate her wardrobe. I found this in a lost bag of 12-18 months clothes (it's a 6 month outfit). Not her usual style, but cute as can be! :)
If her face looks mischievous in the picture below, it's because she is. She's been looking all over the house today for things to get into! I guess she figures since it's a mess anyways it won't make a difference if she trashes it even more. :)

As I mentioned above, this past weekend was the semi-annual Duck-Duck-Goose consignment sale. After going 3 times (including the first day and half-price day!) and with the help of my Mom and Matt's Mom, Libby now has her summer-fall wardrobe. The only problem with these sales is that it's always a temptation to buy way too many cute cheap clothes. We'll see if that happened this time when she starts wearing 18-month clothes. I have yet to find someone with a girl a size or two bigger than Libby to get hand-me-downs from, so this consignment was great!

Here it is:
Libby's summer-fall wardrobe :)
Jackets, pants, dresses and the cutest cowgirl boots!
Swim gear
Shoes galore
Shorts, skirts, and many, many shirts and onsies.
Hooray for Consignment sales!!
Now I have to go clean up all the messes she made while I was working on this post before she wakes up from the nap I just layed her down for.
P.S. In case you were wondering why there are so few posts lately, this is it. There is not much time during her naps to accomplish things and the house suffers much if she has free reign while I post. :) Nevertheless, I can't complain... I love being a Mom and a homemaker! It's the best job ever! And Libby is really a great girl and still takes 2 good naps a day, yet doesn't have a breakdown when she misses one!
Also, she now has two of her top molars coming in! Teething hasn't been bad with her at all. She now has a total of 8 teeth (4 on top, 4 on bottom) plus the two more on their way in and swollen gums on the bottom.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Florida Trip

We took a trip to Florida with my family a month or two ago and I'm not sure I posted pictures of it. So here they are. Ashley, Libby and I went down there with my Mom and Dad for a cousin's wedding reception. We had a blast getting to see family and friends and even got a day on the beach! And best of all, Ben came down so we got to visit with him!
Libby and Poppy.
Uncle Ben!
She loves Uncle Ben!
Squeeze hugs!
She got to visit with Big Papa!
What a great time we had visiting with great grandparents!

Ashley, Ben and I at the reception.
Hanging by the pool at the hotel we stayed at with Mom and Dad the last night.
In the pool in January?!

Swimming with Mom. No tube!

Early swim lessons with Uncle Ben.
A cool giraffe statue at the hotel. It's so tall!
On Poppy's shoulders.
Libby enjoying the last remaining ray of the day as the sun was setting.

A gorgeous gulf of Mexico sunset! Can't wait to see some more of these at the end of May!

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