Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sheeba - the dog previously known as Nala

After Nala finally started to learn her name, I changed it!
She's getting bigger.

Learning a new trick - "rollover"

And I won't go changing it again. It's now set in stone, well, metal to be precise.

 She's coming along great in her training and house breaking!

Writing and drawing

Libby's started writing and drawing! I think a large part of this can be contributed to Usborne's Wipe-clean books. I got one for drawing and beginning writing and liked it so much, I got an alphabet one as well. She doesn't do them on her own very well, but loves to work on it with me. And she does a lot better than I thought she would (and than she did at first).

Then the other day she asked me to draw a circle for her so I did and she took it away and came back with this: her first drawing of a person! I drew the circle, she drew everything else! She said it is the Gobble-gobble (or gubba-gubba, not sure) monster - her brother, Ty! She calls him "Monster" all the time now. He comes down the hall with his little hands popping on the hardwoods and she runs away screaming "the monster's getting me!" He loves it and cracks up while chasing her around. Now in the morning she'll ask me, "Is the monster awake yet?" Wondering if Ty is up. Pretty cute, but I'm not sure that's a nickname I want him to hang on to.

Anyway, back to the picture. So I love that she draws eye-brows! And the arms and legs coming out of the head, I wouldn't trade it for anything! She draws great noses, too! Shaped like an L with usually 2 dots on either side of the bottom - nostrils! I asked her what they were on another picture she drew of Matt and she pointed to her 2 nostrils. She is also starting to write her name. In the bottom right corner she signed a shaky L and an i, which was all she knew at the time.

This is her alphabet book that we started working on. She traced the letters and the outlines of the objects. Then I had her sign her name in the bottom right corner of the "A" page when she was finished.
She can now write everything but the "y". Although she doesn't write them correctly yet, that will come. I just love that she's already starting to learn her name!

Here is "Libb":
And now I'm all caught up again! Sorry for the multiple posts, I find they're easier to find later on when I break them up like this.

At the Park

We went to the park after ballet last week with the Oldacres. I brought my camera and actually pulled it out of the car this time, rare form for me! I'm so glad, too, because I caught some great pics.

Ty's first time in a sandbox. I have to admit, I had to relax a little and let him get dirty. He is a boy, afterall, and I don't want him turning out as clean as Libby, not wanting to usually get her hands dirty. So I let him have some fun.

It was a beautiful day! We loved soaking up some of the warm sunshine.
Love London dancing in the background of this one.

He did finally get his hands in it and seemed to enjoy the new texture. It just took some time.

Sheeba came with us.

He found a dry leaf, of course. I don't know what his fascination is with dried up leaves.

He did have alfalfa hair that day. I could not get that piece to lay down.
So cute!

The girls had an adventure. I with I could have hear the whole story of what they were doing and where they were going. Libby's got quite the imagination and I love walking by her room and catching part of a story about a Mom and her "sweetheart" or a pirate or a princess and her "prince charming". It's always something and I love it!

I think Libby has become more like me than Matt in this one respect: barefeet. I love being barefoot and I am most of the day. Inside, outside, doesn't matter. Libby's always taking off her shoes and running around barefoot now, too.

They had this little window and I saw Libby sitting at it. She asked me, "What would you like?" Turns out she was working for a baker (I think he was another little boy on the playground.
 "Here is your cake." Mmm. Mulch cake. :)

I love how great pictures come out on a sunny day.

After looking at these pictures, it makes me realize how big Libby is getting.  I don't want to see my kids grow up, I want babies right now! Never-the-less, I am enjoying every stage and I love my sweet girl!

Play date with Annie and Maggie

Ashely recently had a doctor's appointment after picking up Maggie from being groomed so we got to watch Maggie and Annie for a little bit. Sheeba loved the play time with Maggie!

They ran all over the yard until not-so-young-anymore Maggie started getting tired. Then she let Sheeba know they were done.

And this is what I usually find of Sheeba after a fun time at the park or play time with dog-friends. She crashes hard in her cage and normally ends up upside-down and snoring. So funny! I love her personality!

Annie and Ty played together pretty well. I think Libby was so tired I had to lay her down for a nap before Annie got there.

I don't know why Annie has a guilty look on her face in a lot of these pictures. She was a perfect angel and is so sweet to watch! She was so gentle with Ty and shared with him great!

They look like partners in crime here.

They cooked something delicious up in the kitchen.

Notice the empty cubbards and fridge. Again Annie, with the guilty face.

Libby eventually woke up and had some fun with her "favorite cousin". She ways that about whichever cousin she's with, and pretty much everyone is her "best friend". But she especially says that to her Daddy and to me. Love it!

This is how I roll.

When I go running at the park, this is how I roll, litterally:

Two kids in front: 15 pound + 29 pounds = 44 pounds

One scared/tired dog in the back: + 27 pounds
= a grand total of around 70 pounds!

No wonder I only make it around Lakeshore once when I have the kids with me!

She runs the first half mile, then hops right in the basket on the bottom. Worked out alright the first couple of times. Now she's getting pretty heavy and barely fits in there! I had to help her squish her legs in. I have to say, I think that was the last time Sheeba (previously Nala :) will be riding in there.

Side note: I do force her out to jog up the big hills. :)

These pics were from my phone so probably not the best quality, but I couldn't pass this picture opp up.

Nala? Sheeba? Name change for the dog.

And yes, I did change the dogs' name to Sheeba after she was finally figuring out Nala. Haha, I thought Nala would grow on me, it didn't. I figured now's the time to change it rather than live many years with a name I don't love. So Sheeba it is, and she now has a name tag on her collar with the name, so I guess that's the last time I can change it.