Thursday, March 08, 2012

Writing and drawing

Libby's started writing and drawing! I think a large part of this can be contributed to Usborne's Wipe-clean books. I got one for drawing and beginning writing and liked it so much, I got an alphabet one as well. She doesn't do them on her own very well, but loves to work on it with me. And she does a lot better than I thought she would (and than she did at first).

Then the other day she asked me to draw a circle for her so I did and she took it away and came back with this: her first drawing of a person! I drew the circle, she drew everything else! She said it is the Gobble-gobble (or gubba-gubba, not sure) monster - her brother, Ty! She calls him "Monster" all the time now. He comes down the hall with his little hands popping on the hardwoods and she runs away screaming "the monster's getting me!" He loves it and cracks up while chasing her around. Now in the morning she'll ask me, "Is the monster awake yet?" Wondering if Ty is up. Pretty cute, but I'm not sure that's a nickname I want him to hang on to.

Anyway, back to the picture. So I love that she draws eye-brows! And the arms and legs coming out of the head, I wouldn't trade it for anything! She draws great noses, too! Shaped like an L with usually 2 dots on either side of the bottom - nostrils! I asked her what they were on another picture she drew of Matt and she pointed to her 2 nostrils. She is also starting to write her name. In the bottom right corner she signed a shaky L and an i, which was all she knew at the time.

This is her alphabet book that we started working on. She traced the letters and the outlines of the objects. Then I had her sign her name in the bottom right corner of the "A" page when she was finished.
She can now write everything but the "y". Although she doesn't write them correctly yet, that will come. I just love that she's already starting to learn her name!

Here is "Libb":
And now I'm all caught up again! Sorry for the multiple posts, I find they're easier to find later on when I break them up like this.

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