Thursday, March 08, 2012

This is how I roll.

When I go running at the park, this is how I roll, litterally:

Two kids in front: 15 pound + 29 pounds = 44 pounds

One scared/tired dog in the back: + 27 pounds
= a grand total of around 70 pounds!

No wonder I only make it around Lakeshore once when I have the kids with me!

She runs the first half mile, then hops right in the basket on the bottom. Worked out alright the first couple of times. Now she's getting pretty heavy and barely fits in there! I had to help her squish her legs in. I have to say, I think that was the last time Sheeba (previously Nala :) will be riding in there.

Side note: I do force her out to jog up the big hills. :)

These pics were from my phone so probably not the best quality, but I couldn't pass this picture opp up.

Nala? Sheeba? Name change for the dog.

And yes, I did change the dogs' name to Sheeba after she was finally figuring out Nala. Haha, I thought Nala would grow on me, it didn't. I figured now's the time to change it rather than live many years with a name I don't love. So Sheeba it is, and she now has a name tag on her collar with the name, so I guess that's the last time I can change it.


Allyson said...

I can't believe she hops in the stroller!!!! And I'm sad to see the name Nala go. It was my fave. :) Libby still calls her that--we talked about "Nala" in CM on Sunday :)

Shannon said...

Yeah, we just officially changed it on Sunday afternoon. Libby actually said to me one day," mom, I don't like Nala." I was sad because I thought she was talking about the dog, but the she said, "I like Sheeba." so it was only the name. If she loved the name, I probably would have stuck with it, but she doesn't seem to care much. After we changed it she told me she liked the name Storm better. When someone asks her the name now she says, "Nala, I mean Sheeba." I think I'm confusing everyone. :)