Thursday, March 08, 2012

Play date with Annie and Maggie

Ashely recently had a doctor's appointment after picking up Maggie from being groomed so we got to watch Maggie and Annie for a little bit. Sheeba loved the play time with Maggie!

They ran all over the yard until not-so-young-anymore Maggie started getting tired. Then she let Sheeba know they were done.

And this is what I usually find of Sheeba after a fun time at the park or play time with dog-friends. She crashes hard in her cage and normally ends up upside-down and snoring. So funny! I love her personality!

Annie and Ty played together pretty well. I think Libby was so tired I had to lay her down for a nap before Annie got there.

I don't know why Annie has a guilty look on her face in a lot of these pictures. She was a perfect angel and is so sweet to watch! She was so gentle with Ty and shared with him great!

They look like partners in crime here.

They cooked something delicious up in the kitchen.

Notice the empty cubbards and fridge. Again Annie, with the guilty face.

Libby eventually woke up and had some fun with her "favorite cousin". She ways that about whichever cousin she's with, and pretty much everyone is her "best friend". But she especially says that to her Daddy and to me. Love it!

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