Thursday, December 01, 2011


As expected, the holiday season has been busy so far. And we are well into it now! Enjoying it, though!
Here's a little catch up.

Time with Great Mammaw and Pappaw

Great Pappaw!

Great Mammaw!


Libby was, of course, a princess. Cinderella to be exact. And I didn't even have to purchase a thing!

 Ty was a happy pumpkin:

 My camera still hasn't been fixed, so I'm still working off manual focus through viewfinder! Evening is even more difficult so unfortunately I didn't get the best pictures. :(
 Libby's first time. She followed right along and figured it out pretty quick. So sweet to thank people, too! She was always the last to arrive as she took her time with the dress that was a little too big.
 Ty was definitely interested in Wonder Woman. Can't say that she displayed the same interest. Come on, Tess, he's just a little small for his age, but he is a cutie! And very sweet!

 Princess Libby.

Fantasy of Trees
Before leaving for Thanksgiving, we went to hear Sam perform with his choir at the fantasy of trees. And it was Mom and Tot day (bonus!), so I got in for $5!

Unfortunately, Libby's black and red were in the wash. Too bad, to becuase this would have been so cute with them all matching!
 Pics with Poppy and Nana
 Libby loves getting her face painted and sat real still for them.

 We made some super fun ornaments. My tree probably has about 7 or 8 new ornaments this year as Libby loves doing crafts now. So I've pulled out some fun ornament ones.
 Ty did great, as usual, but was a little overwhelmed by all the lights, etc!

Libby got a princess manicure. So cute!

Probably thinking, "I thought she just painted my nails, but they don't seem to have any color." I guess the girl painted some sparkly nail polish that didn't really show up.
 Carousel! Ty loves these. Libby was a little afraid as I think this is the first time she's been on one that goes up and down, but Poppy was there to comfort her.
 Weeee! Annie's getting over her fears!


Don't have too many pics from Thanksgiving as I was enjoying the holiday and not worrying to much about documenting it. I did get these fun pics of Ty trying to be a big boy in the kids rocker.

Ty actually started crawling off his belly while we were up there! I kept thinking Libby was crawling at 7 months so he was right on target with her, but after looking at her baby book I realized she wasn't crawling till around 8 months! So even though he's little, he's still a bit ahead of the game! Good for you, little man! He's also sitting on his own now. He still falls over occasionally, but sits well for the most part.

Libby is still doing well with being potty trained, but has an accident every now and then. I think now they are becuase she doesn't want to take a break from playing to go to the bathroom. She talks my ear off every day, but I love it! She is so sweet and thankful for the little things. She tells me stories and now talks for her toys and baby, which she finally named "Ashley Joy". I'm always cracking up at the silly things she thinks of and comes up with. Her imagination is definitely not lacking!

The other day, she through her baby down the stairs, then I heard her disciplining it for screaming. When I asked her what she was doing, she said her baby was screaming becuase she through her down the stairs and her impression of the baby's scream made me laugh so much! She then informed me that her baby was having a bad a-ttude and hse was spanking her for it. The things she comes up with! I've attached a short video I made of her during this time (if it works) as I had the camera right next to me.

She's also informed me on multiple occasions that I am her "best friend eber(ever)" and so is Daddy and Mammaw and Pappaw and Nana and Poppy, etc. I'm so glad she misses the point of having a "best" friend, but loves me enough to think of my being her best friend!

These two definitely keep my hands full, but I LOVE IT!!! I could never ask for a better job, although it does get discouraging and monotonous at times cleaning up the same toys, in the same places multiple times a day! There's definitely not that feeling of accomplishment at the end of every day, but the joys of doing it far outway the troubles! I wouldn't want to miss one little thing that the kiddos learn and say.

Can't promise I'll have another post before Christmas, but we'll see.