Monday, August 20, 2012

Ashley's Baby shower

Ashley was due in 2 weeks, so we through her a shower on Saturday.
Since Calvin's theme for his bedroom is "Safari", that made a great theme for the shower. 

I tried a couple new things for the shower, and both turned out great and are thing I will do again.
First was a diaper cake. I didn't want to individually roll all the diapers becuase then Ash would have to unroll, unwrap and flatten them before she could use them. I used a method I found on You Tube that just slightly curves the diapers. Hopefully she'll get good use out of it.

I lvoe the way it turned out!

My second venture were cake pops. Again, You Tube was extremely helpful as well as a copule other sites. I don't remember which ones I used as I just kind of combined them all. I did find this video on decorating them extremely helpful, though.

I ended up using French Vanilla Cake with some Raspberry Preserves, Cream Cheese icing and Starbucks Raspberry syrup (just a little). I dipped them in Vanilla candy shell and used chocolate for the decorating. They were deliscious! I don't think I'm a huge chocolate person, I've found, as I prefer fruity cakes when I make them. This tasted much like a moist raspberry cheesecake and I'll use those ingredients again, although next time I might make lemon cake balls with a lemon cake and vanilla coating.

I was happy with the results, anyhow, and will definitely attempt it again in the future. Both these new things were so fun to do!

Some decorations for the shower. Some of these were from Calvin's room and other's I got or made.

 The food table:

Ty and Annie enjoying some cake pops

Love this one!