Friday, November 19, 2010

Potty Training

Oh, I forgot to mention in the last post a very big thing for Libby... she's in the midst of potty training! With life so hectic right now, I did not choose the timing, but she was picking up on it and basically started training herself. So I decided to give her a try. It's been going great! I haven't put her in "big girl panties" all day yet, but she definitely knows how to use her potty. It's a little sad to see her trying to grow up so fast. :( I guess I'm ready for another baby.
I can't believe how easy potty training has been so far!

She also slept in her toddler bed for the first time last night. Since we're at my parents house and don't have a crib set up yet, I decided to put her toddler bed in the office as it was already assembled, and it's got to be lots more comfortable than a pack n play anyways. Well, she's climbed out of the pack n play several times now so it didn't really matter. She slept great in her toddler bed last night, didn't get out once and was just sitting up in it this morning without climbing out. I figured as much as she's slept in a full size bed in their guest room before and not had a problem. She loves her toddler bed that she helped pick out at the consignment and led Matt right in there when he got home to show him her "new bed" before being tucked in for the night.

That's all for now!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick update

Quick update... Closing on our house tomorrow, moved into my Mom and Dad's, life is chaos, and yet amidst all this I'm still posting pictures. We're having a boy and his name will be Tyler, we'll call him Ty. I'm now 20 weeks and half way done!

Libby got her first black eye. Guess that's what happens when you start running, climbing and going a little crazy. :) She fell off a couch while playing around and hit her cheekbone on an ottoman. So sad! Here are some pics of her three day old shiner...
Showing where her boo-boo is.
This is kind of a tough-girl pose. She's started posing for pictures, so funny!

We went to the zoo with Ash and Annie. Libby collected some eggs.

We went to the park to catch some of the last color change and get some fall pics of Libby and Annie. Colors were pretty much gone, but there were some fun leaves to take pics in. The pics came out great! I love my camera!
She loves her Aunt Boo!

Pics aren't in the best order. Here's another of her collecting eggs.
Fun place to play at the zoo! She's a vet! She loved it.

More park pics. Don't know how to change the order of these pics on a Mac.

I love her precious face!
I sat her in a tree and she immediately put her hands like this and struck a pose.
So sweet.

I love this one!

This one is great too!

Again with the hand pose.
She learned Ready...Set...Go. This is her ready to run stance. She now will back up to a wall and say "Set...Set..." and then take off running. I love it!
Love this face! And these beautiful blue eyes!

Goofing off for the camera.
She liked kicking the leaves around and playing in them. She also loved helping us with Annie, or trying to help. She loves her cousins soooo much, she smothers then and hollers when she sees them! She's super affectionate and I think she's a little aggressive in showing it, but that's probably my fault for kissing her face a thousand times a day. Seems pretty normal for her.
She actually says and repeats phrases now instead of just one word at a time. She says os many words and it's fun to hear her thoughts a little more and her little mistakes. She pronounces movie, moonie. She says her name as Bibby (not so good with her L's). But she does know her whole name is Libby Carr and says Carr very well. So cute! I love this stage so much! It's a lot to keep up with, but she's learning new stuff every day! She's super active, but is pretty obedient and isn't hard to take places. Definitely needs discipline, but she responds well to it. Her biggest struggle now is bad attitudes and being told "No".

That's all for now. Not sure when I'll be able to blog again. Maybe from our new house if we get one soon.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall!

We're looking forward to fall and to the cooler weather.
I've been working to fill in for our family business as Ashley is out on maternity leave and we next week I start training out new hire, Meghan. After all the training and making sure she's comfortable in all her jobs I think I'll take a break!
A much needed one! Then I might take Libby to the Zoo and to play outside and to do all the things I want to do with her now and am not able to. So, at that point I may have more pictures to post. I also have a bunch of my new little niece, Annie. As mentioned before, I have been working every day and so blogging has fallen far behind. But I'll get back into it soon.

The first trimester with this baby has been MUCH harder than with Libby! I'm hoping by next week I'll be feeling like a whole new person! We'll see if that happens. I'm 12 weeks now, os yay for that!

Lots of updates on Libby and what she's learning, etc. to come some other time.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer pictures

Here are some pictures from this summer. I may have already posted some of these, but I just got them all moved over to my computer and organized.
The many faces of Libby. I caught many different faces that Libby makes now on camera at various times! It's so fun to see her using her facial expressions to express what she's thinking. And she has a lot now!
I love this one! Relaxing in the pool. She's got a bit of a smirk going on.
Just happy to be outside and wet.
Not too happy about something. I tell you one thing, she knows how to work that lower lip!
Love her laughing smiles!
This one is cute, I wonder what she was thinking? It's kind of a blond expression.
So cute!
This is her "funny" face. She drops thos eyebrows and crunches her nose.
It's nice I can now take a shower without her screaming her head off. She finds other ways to amuse herself during my showers now....
Do you think she knows she did something wrong?
But how can you resist this sweet face?
We went to the cabin a little while ago with Scott and Ash and I brought my camera on the boat for once. Got some good wakeboarding shots. I need to crop and zoom on some of these to get them better, but here they are in their raw form.
Matt. He's starting to get some good air and has cleared the wake many times now!

Libby, enjoying being on the boat. It took a few minutes for her to adjust, she was a bit scared at first. Then she just relaxed in Aunt Boo's arms.
Scott, the pro, puts all of us to shame. Here he is pulling a few tantrums. And landing them all!
I think he might be flying in this one. :)
Couldn't ask for a better background for this!
Take off.
Libby trying not to get dirty on the beach. I don't know whose child this is. She's not too fond of the sand because it's dirty!
We found this cool moth there. It was huge!

We watched Gavin a little while back while Allyson went for a baby check-up. Libby love her frineds. I think Gavin has had just about enough of all this hugging stuff.
"Save me!" -Gavin
We played outside for a little while. This was back when it was actually nice outside, not a blazing 90-100 degrees!
Libby making some more of her classic faces.
Riding in the wagon. They sure love their wagons!
Libby loves playing in the hose! Here she was at Nana's house helping her plant flowers. Maggie was there and Libby had a blast trying to spray her. This was the start of her true belly laugh that we get to hear much more often now, but not often enough!
I love the look of pure joy on a child's face!
Libby loves her new baby cousin, Hudson. She'll have another one in the next couple of months!
She loves babies in general, but there are a few that she adores! Hudson and Judah are two of them. She sees them from far off at church and gets excited.
She's usually very good with them, as long as you remind her to be gentle. She loves holding their hands and kissing them.
Here she is with Hudson on the couch.
So cute!!