Friday, November 19, 2010

Potty Training

Oh, I forgot to mention in the last post a very big thing for Libby... she's in the midst of potty training! With life so hectic right now, I did not choose the timing, but she was picking up on it and basically started training herself. So I decided to give her a try. It's been going great! I haven't put her in "big girl panties" all day yet, but she definitely knows how to use her potty. It's a little sad to see her trying to grow up so fast. :( I guess I'm ready for another baby.
I can't believe how easy potty training has been so far!

She also slept in her toddler bed for the first time last night. Since we're at my parents house and don't have a crib set up yet, I decided to put her toddler bed in the office as it was already assembled, and it's got to be lots more comfortable than a pack n play anyways. Well, she's climbed out of the pack n play several times now so it didn't really matter. She slept great in her toddler bed last night, didn't get out once and was just sitting up in it this morning without climbing out. I figured as much as she's slept in a full size bed in their guest room before and not had a problem. She loves her toddler bed that she helped pick out at the consignment and led Matt right in there when he got home to show him her "new bed" before being tucked in for the night.

That's all for now!

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