Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Demo Days.

Our house has been under construction since we moved in (December!). Here are some pics I took of Matt and his dad (who was a great help, we'd never have been able to do it without him!) during their demolition of our two upstairs bathrooms.

I think this was after demo day 2.

All that was left was the tub and the studs.

Then the work crew came in and started the rebuilding process. New walls, reconfigured to give us maximum bathroom space in both rooms (master and guest).

The new master framework.

Here are some pics of the old bathrooms. The guest sink area:

Guest bath area:
The master. This is it with a small shower to the right. Wasn't much to it! Just enough room to stand.

Sorry these pictures are all out of order. Just trying to get a post up. This was nearing the end of demo day 1.
Demo Day 1 over. Now one open room.

The project is FINALLY coming to a close! We just have some small detail work to do and are waiting on our vanity sinks to be installed, hopefully this week! We have a little over 2 weeks left before Ty is due, so we're hoping to get it finished before then and have some time to rest.
We also had carpet installed in the bedrooms and I LOVE IT!! After that instalation we were actually able to move into our bedroom upstairs for the first time since we bought the house. I'm looking forward to getting everything settled before baby, but mostly to just be done so we can rest and have some enjoyable family time before life gets crazy again!
That's all for now. Oh, by the way, haven't had a working computer in a while, which is part of the reason there haven't been able to post in a while. The other reason is that we sold our house, moved in to my parents house for a month or so, then bought a house and moved in (somewhat) and started this whole demo project. The result are beautiful and I love that we were able to do it before the baby and before we really got settled in. The master bath is now HUGE! Well, compared to what we had before and in the last house. We actually have a double vanity in the master now! I'll try to get some house pics posted as I get them and the house comes back together.

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