Saturday, March 13, 2010

Florida Trip

We took a trip to Florida with my family a month or two ago and I'm not sure I posted pictures of it. So here they are. Ashley, Libby and I went down there with my Mom and Dad for a cousin's wedding reception. We had a blast getting to see family and friends and even got a day on the beach! And best of all, Ben came down so we got to visit with him!
Libby and Poppy.
Uncle Ben!
She loves Uncle Ben!
Squeeze hugs!
She got to visit with Big Papa!
What a great time we had visiting with great grandparents!

Ashley, Ben and I at the reception.
Hanging by the pool at the hotel we stayed at with Mom and Dad the last night.
In the pool in January?!

Swimming with Mom. No tube!

Early swim lessons with Uncle Ben.
A cool giraffe statue at the hotel. It's so tall!
On Poppy's shoulders.
Libby enjoying the last remaining ray of the day as the sun was setting.

A gorgeous gulf of Mexico sunset! Can't wait to see some more of these at the end of May!

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Allyson said...

I love her leg up in a split on Ben's chest by the pool! So funny! Already a gymnast! :)