Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Snow!, Birthday and Misc.

We recently got a good bit of snow (4.5 inches at one point!) and Libby and I finally got a chance to make our snowman yesterday (3 days after the snow!) We got to do some awesome sledding with Scott and Ash, Mom, Dad, Nicole, Sam, David, Lucy, Josh, Sarah, Deborah and Durie (at two different times.) It was so fun. Libby didn't know what to think at first, but then really enjoyed it, as did I! I did not get any pictures of it, however.
Here is our snowman. (It has hair like Libby.)
My little eskimo baby.
Rose had a blast when I let her run free in the snow in our back yard yesterday. Here are a few pics of her having the time of her life.

Have you ever seen a dog smile?
Sprinting across the yard.
Libby LOVES Rose! She's always playing with her and gives her lots of hugs and kisses now. I keep trying to catch a good shot of her hugging Rose, but these are some of the ones I've gotten.

I don't know why, but she has an orange nose.

Rose usually just tolerates her, but loves it when Libby feeds her!

As always, life has been busy and blogging is not a top priority. But it was a priority for this week to get at least one post up. So this may be it, unless I can squeeze a few more minutes out of another day and blog about out Florida trip.
A lot has been going on. Libby had her first birthday party, then we went to Florida for a visit and to celebrate with a cousin of mine. Then we celebrated with Lucy her first birthday.

Libby now knows where a belly button is. Be careful if you ask her to find yours if you're in a public place! I'll have to get a picture of her showing her belly button. It's pretty cute!

She also learned to "snap". When she hears music now she'll start throwing her hand out with her pointer finger out in snap position. She hasn't yet figured out how to make a sound, but she bounces that hand with the beat. :)

She now has a favorite book to read (both by herself and with us). It's called Fool Moon Rising. She'll get it out and sit on the floor flipping through the pages, then flipping back to the beginning. She loves looking at the pictures and her favorited part is finding the dog that is on 3 of the pages. She gets excited when she sees it. Needless to say, I've had to re-tape the pages several times now as we're teaching her the value of property and how not to ruin it.
She's also found out trash can (in the cabinet) and I found her thowing one of her bibs away just the other day. I'll have to keep a closer eye on her when she's over there now or I might lose a few things.

Here are some recent pictures:
She likes looking out the window and knows how to peek through the blinds if they are closed.
She will often kiss reflection in the mirror. Hopefully it's not vanity, and is instead her sweet nature, trying to kiss the "baby" in the mirror. :) We'll have to see.
I had to get a picture of her crazy hair when she woke up from her nap yesterday. One whole side was sticking straight up in the air!

At her birthday party, she liked one of the boxes. Here she is posing as a doll.
Opening gifts.
Trying to do the long jump on the Wii. She is very observant and likes to participate in everything she sees everyone else doing.
She was very sweet and gave all of her guests hugs and kisses, clobering some of them.
Here are some more of her party guests. Of course, Gavin the Great. :)
And Lucy with her bright blue eyes. Cute as a button.
Here is the birthday cake that I attempted to make for her. Came out surprisingly good, though it didn't look just how I wanted it to (I didn't end up having all the decorating pieces that I needed).
She's one!
She learned to drink from a juice box for the first time. Drank the whole thing!
And, of course, she ate her cake!


Allyson said...

Gavin the Great! Ha, I love it! Look how much Gavin and Lucy's smiles look alike in their pictures. Thanks for having us for her birthday! She's such a big girl!

The Smith Family said...

the pic with london is soooooooooooooooo funny

Sarah said...

Allyson I was thinking the same thing...Lucy and Gavin's smiles look so much alike that's hilarious. Shannon I can't believe how much Libby's hair is sticking up...and I thought Lucy had bed head lol

Melanie said...

We're cracking up at the post-nap hair-do!!

Shannon said...

That's funny, Lucy and Gavin do have the same smile in those pics. I guess they didn't want to show off their teeth.
I still crack up when I see the pics of Libby's hair after that nap. It was hillarious!