Friday, June 11, 2010

Sunsets, family pics, low country boil and the beach...

...could you ask for a better vacation?
Here are the first set of pics from our vacation to Florida. Our home computer is not up yet so these are from the laptop, which takes FOREVER! None of these pictures have yet been edited, which I'm hoping to get into a little more when our computer is up and running.
I didn't actually get down to the beach for one sunset the whole time, but I did catch a few from the boardwalk area. Here is one from Matt and I's date night at a nice restaurant across from the beach where the food was delicious!
A sailboat went across the horizon just at the right time.

Here are a couple of sunset pics from Frenchy's on the beach.

Here are a few samplings of our family pics that we got while in Clearwater. The colors are amazing! I think I'll be able to add some cool effects to these with Photoshop.

Love the shadow in the one below.

We had a low country boil on the rooftop of our townhouse while there. Some of our cousins were able to join us and we had a blast. It was the best low county boil I've ever eaten!
The spread.
We ate right at sunset, so it was beautiful. A storm cloud threatened to roll in, but decided not to at the last minute, wheew.
Libby, loving the crab! :)
Whoa, did I eat all of that?!
Where did it all go?
Hanging out on the beach. Libby wasn't too fond of the water at first because of the waves, or the sand because it was dirty, but she got used to both and loved it!
Daddy and Libby!
Libby and her chair, which she loved!

A sand turtle that Scott and Nicole made. It was awesome!
The sunset from our rooftop during the low county boil. Does it get any better than this? I daresay it doesn't. Just a step away from heaven and a glimpse of God's glory.
The vacation was a success! We had a wonderful time and it was very relaxing and fun! It was definitely inching for the top of my favorite vacation list and comes in close behind the honeymoon and our cruise with Matt's family. Thanks to God for the blessing and opportunity to vacation with family! It's definitely different with a little girl and going with family eased the burden of constantly watching a toddler a lot. Also, sharing the burden of cooking and cleaning made the vacation more enjoyable. Not to mention always having someone around to hang out with! More pictures and stories to come!

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Allyson said...

I LOVE the family pictures!!!! The colors y'all are wearing are so perfect with the colors in the water. So jealous! :)