Monday, June 20, 2011

Life and a little catch up.

Lots to catch up on. We're now in full swing of potty training. Today starts Week 2. 6 potty trips, 3 changes of panties and lots of clean up, but going well. She's doing great, but we've still got a ways to go!

I'll start off with normal life. Life has settled in to a normal pattern much more quickly than with Libby. Ty sleeps great! He's 8 weeks old now. Will be 2 months on Wednessday. One 6-8 hour stretch at night and then a 4-6 hour stretch. He's such a laid back, happy-go-lucky guy! He only gets very upset when Libby clobbers him with kisses. My hardest job right now is by far keeping him alive through her aggressive love. Can't leave him on her level for a minute!

Here are the most recent pics I have of him:

For some reason I couldn't get this pic to upload right.
It's rare to get a pic of him that he's not smiling in! He's so happy and talkative most of the time!

Libby's favorite thing to do is to put her head next to him and say, "Cheese!". I think she want me to take more pics of her and Ty! Here's a rare one of her with him and he's still smiling! Unfortunately, her "cheese" face is pretty goofy and it's hard to catch a good shot of her these days.


Cheese, again! :) He's got the perfect look... worried. Her face, well this was the 10th pic and they all pretty much looked like that.

Cheese! Mornings usually consist of Libby watching her shows (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Word World, Super Why and Dinosaur Train) when they come on or from the DVR (love this feature that's currently free!). Ty also occasionally joins her in watching Mickey Mouse. I was surprised to see that he actually watches it! I guess the TV wasn't on as much when Libby was a baby (she didn't start watching shows till well into my pregnancy) so I didn't realize it captured their attention at this age!

Another pic that just wouldn't cooperate. Wouldn't upload correctly.

We took a trip to Florida for Ben's wedding and had a blast! It was so fun and the wedding was great! Libby was a flower girl and Matt was a groomsman. Unfortunately I didn't get even 1 shot of them. I didn't even bring my camera to the wedding, I knew I'd be busy with Libby and Ty, and then I've regretted it since. I guess I had to be a Mom first, and a photographer second (someone said this. I don't remember who, but I thought it was very fitting). I drove down early with Scott, Ash, Peter and Bethany and all the kiddos (4 in all). We took 2 vehicles. Drove through the night going down. Ty did great the whole trip! Couldn't have asked for a happier or easier baby! Libby had trouble driving down, she refused to go to sleep till about 2 or 3AM, a couple hours before we got there! Matt flew down and drove us back. Coming back was much better. We drove during the day and it was surprisingly easier.


My pacifier baby. So glad he loves it!

Libby coming back. She watched movies, read books, colored and napped coming back and did so much better!

I didn't take many pics when we were down there. Here are a few from the pool:

Ty basically took great naps and then was happy looking around at the pool. He stayed in the shade the whole time and still somehow managed to get tan.

Before we left Ashley watched Libby while I went to an appointment. She got some good pics of Libby and Annie together.

Such a happy girl!
Here are some older pics of the kiddos:

Matt's parents have a great garden and a strawberry patch! The strawberries are so sweet and juicy! Libby helped Pappaw pick some:


Sometimes I have my hands full while doing laundry, so what better way to transport dirty laundry and a sleepy baby? Hey, you do what you have to when you're a Mom. :)

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Allyson said...

1. Shannon, I think you made a mistake. The top pictures are Libby when she was a baby right!? They look identical!!!
2. I agree about the TV. Henley is a TV junkie! Gavin watches shows when he wakes up (shout out to World World, too! I've considered writing an entire blog post on this show alone I love it so much) and Henley is glued to the tube!