Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Fair

I love how easy it is to add pictures on the new version of Blogger! Makes me want to get back into blogging again!

We went to Tennessee Valley Fair for a little bit last Sunday night. Libby got to experience all the fun of the fair (except for seeing the lights at night, we left before it got dark). She got to ride a couple of rides. She was scared of the rides at first, but after riding the swings, she wanted to ride them all!

Ty hung out in the big boy stroller and was good, as usual.

 They had a small petting-type zoo. I loved the piglets! Couldn't pet them, but they sure were cute!
 Libby rode on the swings with me. She loved it, as she does all swings. I have to say, I had a pretty fun time, too. The big swings at the fair used to be one of my favorite rides!

Then she rode on the cars. These are the first rides she's ever gone on! It made me want to take her to Dollywood some time this fall. Maybe I will. She had this excited grin on her face and was squealing with delight! 

We went to the rodeo for a few minutes after getting a funnel cake and I loved it! Didn't get any pics from there, we weren't there very long.

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