Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More pics from June and Sheeba

Wow, June. I didn't think I was that far behind in my posts.
Here are just some random pics:
Ty enjoying Daddy's workout riding on the handlebars of the exercise bike.

At the consignment in the spring as I was standing in line, I let Libby hop on a few of these little bikes to keep her occupied. She started riding it and asked if we could get one. I normally wouldn't get something like this, but it was like $10 or $20 with 2 games, one of which was Dora. She said it was just like Daddy's bike and she could exercise with him, so I gave in.
She does actually use it sometimes, when I hook it up to the TV for her or when Matt rides his bike and she wants to be cool like him so in the end, it paid off.
Didn't know Ty would like it already. :)

The two boys working out.

Love those baby blue eyes! I think they've turned a little greyer recently.
Libby riding it with her yogurt and crazy hair.
Enjoyed having breakfast outside on a rather nice morning.

Sheeba enjoying the day chasing her toys. So sad that she's not around to do this anymore. She turned out to be such a great, wonderful dog. She chewed up her bed in October and after a couple of vet visits and surgery, we found out she had strings tangled up in her insides and she couldn't be saved. Such a sad day!! Two dogs within a year of each other!! The house is now too quiet and I seem to have just a few too minutes in the day now without her around. Looking at these pics makes me miss her even more! :(

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