Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nana's Cabin in June

Went to Nana's cabin (maybe for the last time:( ) in June and had a great time hanging with the family and relaxing!
Here we braved the snake-filled beach! We saw a 3 or 3 1/2 foot Copperhead repeatedly and at least 1 of it's babies. I think it had a den under the dock. Finally, after much deliberation and snake repellent, we had to at least let them play on the beach and make a sand castle once. With a warry eye on the dock and one on the water and a shovel available (in the background) we let them have some fun in the sun.

Goofy as always!

Beautiful, as always!
Love this pretty girl!
Crazy hair (that needed to be cut):

Libby caught her first fish, well, the first fish that she helped catch from start to finish (we've let her reel a couple in before). She helped put the bread on the hook, then snagged it and reeled it in. She did not, however, want to hold it. :)

Oh, sweet memories of fishing from this dock as a kid with Dad and Papa. So glad for the opportunity for my kids to be able to build the same memories!!

Ty's first catch (well, his first fish reeled in).

A true fisherman pose. :)

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