Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2013: Pregnancy with Bella

Here's a glimpse of my year of pregnancy with Bella.

16 weeks (3 1/2 months? 4 months?)

Obviously flexing in this one.

Have one from 7 months pregnant on Facebook, but couldn't find it on my ipad to add here. I'll have to add it later.

Here is 8 months with the kids:
And without:

Here I am on my due date (Thanksgiving):

And here I am 1 week and 1 day over, getting ready to do Insanity (which I took a break from several weeks before). I had her the next day, so my attempts to kick myself into labor obviously worked. :)

My belly 1 day before labor:

And the next day, she's here! December 7th!

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