Wednesday, July 01, 2009

6 Months!

I can't believe my girl is 6 months old! It's going way too fast and it's sad! I already miss my little newborn and I can't even remember her being that small!
Her 6 month check up went well. She is average in size. 50th Percentile head, 50th percentile weight and 60th percentile in height. She is 15 pounds, 10 ounces and 26 inches tall. She's still on the petite side for a Hedger baby!
She sits up on her own now and is eating some baby food. She does great with rice cereal and just finished her first jar of carrots today (she started it on Sunday or Monday).
She's anxious to be walking, I think she will probably skip crawling. She walked up and down the hallway in our house today holding on to my hands. She moves her feet great! I'm afraid for when she does get mobile on her own! I'll be chasing her down ALL DAY!
Here are a few pics.
Here she has her first pig tails! I didn't think it was actually possible, but they looked so cute! I think they make her look so much older!

I think she looks like a little piglet in the picture below! :)

So I was putting our clothes away and had finished in our room. So Libby was helping me push the basket into her room (walking behind). Then she decided it would be more fun to be the engineer so she hopped in the basket and directed me. :)

We've been hanging out at the splashpad ( a fun, free waterpark-type place for kids in Knoxville) a couple of times. Libby loves the water! When we go swimming, she loves to lounge in her tube (I unfortunately don't have any pictures of that). And at the splashpad, she loves to hold her hand out and feel the water. Here are a few pics of us hanging out in the sun.

My little munchkin sitting up on the blanket.

I didn't get any pictures when we were in Florida of my Libby with my Aunt and Uncle and cousins whose house we stayed at. They were up visiting this week, so I didn't miss the opportunity to catch up on a few pics with them.
Here she is with Aunt Donna.

And here she is with "uncle" Stephen, Johnny and Joey (left to right).

So that about catches me up picture-wise. I haven't been doing great taking pictures. I still need to get some 6 month pictures of her!


Allyson said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE how big she is! Wow. And this will make you laugh. Gavin is 2 months younger and 2 pounds heavier than Libby! Ha!

Passion Flower said...

That is pretty funny! He is more like what I expected our baby to be like. Hedger babies have always been huge! And Matt earned his nickname "Fatty" when he was little, so she may yet outgrow your little fellow. :)