Friday, May 07, 2010

Updated post.

For pictures and news about Peter and Bethany's new baby Hudson, please scroll down to the next post!
I thought while I was posting I should catch up on a few pictures I did have on my camera.
In the waiting room with Mommy and Aunt Boo waiting to see Hudson. Crashed out.
A new outfit!
So smiley.
She loves to pick the "flowers" from our yard (clovers and dandelions). :)

And sometimes still tries to eat them!

Love this summer outfit! Libby hs been cutting her fourth molar for weeks now. It had come through and I thought the worst was done, but when I felt her gums a couple of days ago, it had gone back in! :( So it's in and out with the toughest tooth cut so far. "My joyful smiling girl disappeared when this last molar came in." Allyson said I needed to post that quote from the other day. It is a joke, though. She's still very joyful, but we've definitely entered into a new world of parenting and discipline!

Our church had a cake bake-off and our care group won first prize in the taste category for the cake below. Butterfinger cake, delicious recipe from Diane Carr (Matt's mom)! It may not look like much, but boy does it taste good.
We watched our friend, Freeman at the begining of last week and loved it! Except for when I got sick, then Matt got sick and so started a long week of trials. So fitting to have had a message from James on trials the Sunday before! Thanks, Lord, for your kind preparations for us!
He's soo cute!
The sweetest guy to watch, I don't think he cried once. It's so easy to watch him, it makes me want one just like him.
Look how cute and precious!
Libby loved waking up, then hearing him wake up in the other room. She busted down the door and was so excited that he was still there!
Enjoying a Coke iwth a friend.
We went to the park to swim a couple days ago with our friends Allyson and Gavin. Libby kept her back turned on me for a little while. Not sure why, she didn't really know whether to enjoy the sand and water or not. I love her cute little body!

Following Gavin to find some trash on the ground. Good job leading, Gav. :) Libby looks like a little grandma here. haha
Love this picture!
Playing in the sand. Gavin definitely wasn't afraid to get dirty. Libby wasn't so sure.

"Maybe it's not so bad. Gavin sure does seem to enjoy it!"
Gavin tried to drink the wonderful, clean Tennessee River water! So funny, he dipped his face in the water and didn't cry or anything!

Splashing up a storm, this guy did not want to leave. Or stay clean!
Again, Libby wasn't so fond of it. I hope she gets used to it before our trip to Florida at the end of the month!

As I mentioned before, last week was a week of trials. It started on Monday afternoon, when I started feeling queasy. I called Matt and asked him to pick up some sprite on his way home from work. By the time he was home, I felt miserable. Shortly after that I started throwing up. I have an extreme aversion to throwing up and have only done it once in the last 18 years due to food poisoning. That is until last week. I don't think I've ever felt so sick and weak and ready to pass out. It tapered off somewhere around midnight, which is when Matt started with it! By the time the kids woke up, I was still queasy and weak, but well enough to care for them until naptime. Matt was sick the entire day and into the next night. Thankfully Libby slept it off and never got sick. She took a couple long naps, which really helped me out.
Unfortunately, at the same time, my Papa (whose been battling cancer for a couple of years) started getting worse. Mom and Dad were already in Florida or on their way. A sad night, Wednesday, Papa went to be with the Lord. I praise him that He saved Papa at a much earlier date! Papa was overflowing with the evidence of grace an fruits of the Holy Spirit. His life was one lived in love. He poured out his love on everyone he met. He was as unselfish, generous, giving, loving, joyful a man as you could ever meet. I can't think of a time I saw him that he wasn't smiling. He left behind a legacy of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who will never forget this great example of a Godly, humble leader. He was indeed much like Christ and I'm so thankful that I'll get to see him again and rejoice in heaven before the throne of God! He is dearly loved and will be GREATLY MISSED!
So, after being sick through Wednessday, we flew down to Florida on Friday morning and drove back on Sunday, ariving around 3:30 AM Monday morning. Matt then had to go to work at 6:30. What a long week, and we're still playing catch up! It was great to see all my cousins and meet many of their spouses! So good to catch up. I love my family!! So, though it was a time of sadness and loss, it was also a time of joyful reuniting and storytelling. There was a wonderful funeral on Sunday. I think Libby, who never got it, must have been carrying the stomach bug virus because Sat. night/Sun. morning Ashley, David, Sam and my Mom all got it, causing them to miss the funeral! Then Ashley and David had to ride back with us not feeling well.
And then, today, the joyous event of Hudson being born! What a wondeful cap to a couple of not-so-wonderful weeks!

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I'm so glad you posted the quote! :) Haha. And I love the picture of Gavin splashing! I'm stealing it for my blog!