Friday, May 14, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

We spent a little time yesterday playing outside while it was nice. We had a picnic with friends and then got to play in the sand and water and the beach at Cove park. So fun!
Notice Haley in the back tasting the sand.
Haley Hamilton. (not sure I spelled that right, there are so many ways to spell it!)
Such a cutie! It seems every picture I get of her is adorable! She's so photogenic.
Didn't like the taste of sand so much!

Haley, again looking so adorable!

Libby, workign hard on something.

Concentrated efforts.

Maybe she's trying to figure out what kind of shape this would make in the sand.

I didn't realise, when taking these pictures, that Libby didn't look up the whole time! Maybe I should get her some of these toys since they seem so riveting!
Phoebe and Haley are being sociable, saying "Hi" to the visitor, another Lucy. She was the same age as Gavin and had fun visiting.
Finally, a cute one of Libby! I like her little consignment sale bikini!
After the park, we stopped by my parents to pick something up and Libby discovered something even more fun than the beach, the hose! If I had known she would have such fun with the hose, I would have given it to her sooner! She had a blast waving it all around and watching the water. But what really cracked her up was spraying Maggie. She would hold the hose real still and wait for Maggie to come try to drink it, then wiggle it all around and crack up (I mean a real, hearty laugh!) when she sprayed Maggie. Ashley got it on video. I'll have to see if I can get it from her to post. It was hillarious! What did we ever do without Libby around for entertainment? So much for dry clothes!
But what fun is life if you always stay clean and dry?
I wish you could hear the belly laugh that went with this face.
So fun!

Luring Maggie in.

I can't wait till our vacation at the end of the month! I hope it's good weather and lots of fun for everyone. I hope Libby enjoys the beach! I will try to get lots of pictures, and then I'll have lots to catch up on blogging unless I can do some down there. We'll see!

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Lizzy said...

Thanks for posting these! Apparently I no longer know how to use a point and shoot camera because all my pics look way washed out. You'll have to email me the originals!