Friday, June 01, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

Sunday - Boat Day

Sunday we had a blast going out on the boat with Scott, Ash and Annie and Adam, Holly and Judah. Libby remembers now that the boat is fun so we don't have any trouble getting her on it. Into the water is another story. I don't know what happened to her, she used to love everything outside and never be afraid of anything. Sometime in the middle of 2 years old, all that changed. The drama kicked in and all of the sudden there are so many things to be afraid of. I'm hoping she'll outgrow all that around 4.

Ty, on the other hand, loves the boat, water, everything. As soon as he got in the water with his lifejacket on, he started splashing around and grinning ear to ear. I hope he doesn't outgrow it.

We cruised around on the boat, got lots of swim time and some wake surfing and wakeboarding. Then we ate dinner at Willy's on the water. We had a little scare that we were out of gas, so when we got the boat started after the scare, we raced back to the dock. The fireworks had started around then at Willy's (they were having their summer kick-off party). So we got to see the fireworks in passing and back at the dock. The kiddos loved them and were just staring. That may also have been the past-bedtime, been in the sun for a while stare. Either way, we had a blast!

I didn't get any pictures becuase I didn't bring my camera on this adventure. Hey, don't judge, I did have my arms full and was thinking of a million different things I needed to remember to bring before we left. I do wish I'd brought it though.

Monday - Mammaw and Pappaw's

We went out to Matt's parents on Monday for a fun and restful Memorial Day.

Libby wasn't participating with the camera, so this is about the only pic I got of her. Cuddling up watching Toy Story on the couch.

Cornhole in the backyard. 

Ty playing with his basketball. He loves throwing balls - straight at the ground.

 Ty, as always, was a little more photogenic and interactive with the camera.

So that was our fun weekend. Everyone enjoyed it and now we'll be missing it till Matt gets another weekend off, not for another month. :(

On Tuesday the kids and I went for a run at he park and then got ice cream at Bruesters with Nana.

Ty got a new hair style last week, too. Buzzed a little too short, but still so cute.

Here is Ty, waiting to get in the car to go to the park.

 Love his little Under Armor shirt. Thanks, Mom!

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