Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dollywood in June

I guess I started this post a while ago and it saved it as a draft instead of posting it. Better post it now.
So I am behind in my posting. I'll try to do a bunch of blog posts to catch up, but I can't guarantee that will happen. Although things should slow down a bit now that the shower is done, life seems to just get faster and faster. I don't know what I'll do when Libby starts school!
We went to Dollywood in June. Wow. June. I am behind!

Trolley ride in: We missed the first trolley that had Dad, Hudson, Libby and Sam on it. We were trying to find a spot for the strollers and forgot to save seats for ourselves. So Mom, Ty and I caught the next tram.

Sam tried on Libby's glasses and she thought that was great fun!

They had some animal skins out. Hudson wasn't afraid one bit of this bear. He just looked it straight in the eyes and told it who was boss. :)

Stangely enough, one of the kids favorite things to do at Dollywood is feed the ducks, huge fish and turtles. It is fun to watch them fight for the food.

Ty (at 14 months) loved throwing the food down to them and then watching them eat it. I didn't even know he knew how to do it, but this boy picks up on stuff quick watching his Sissy!

Then we took a ride on the cars. Libby rode with Dad.

Sam and Hudson.

And I got to ride with this little dude, who loved it! Mom must have had to ride all by herself. :(

Libby loved the princess dressed up to promote Dixie Stampede, which I totally want to bring her to soon! Maybe for her birthday.

"What are you looking at?"

Riding the rides:

Libby loved the Ferris Wheel with Poppy!

We rode the Elephants.

Me and Ty.
He loved it and all the rides he was tall enough to ride!

We took a break to ride the train, which actually turned out to be pretty fun.

His first taste of cotton candy. :)

Aw, a picture of me and the kids. I love it! Don't get many of these.

The train coming around the bend. Hudson loved the train, as he is still very into trains.
Hudson and Nana in front of the train engine, Cinderella.
More pics from the rides:

Aw, he seems to big to me now! This is when he still took a passy! Only 14 months old here, and now 18 months! He's growing up WAY TOO FAST!!

Love the look on his face here. "Mom, what are you getting me into?" or "Serisously, Mom...the pigs?... I wanted to ride the Soaring Eagle (newest rollercoaster)!"
It was Bluegrass and Barbeque while we were there, so the smells were calling our name the whole time. We had some delicious smoked turkey legs on the way out. They had been cooking all day and were so good, falling off the bone!
Ty was a big fan. :)

The tram on the way back. I love my little princess!
The sunset was amazing! This pic doesn't do it justice.

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