Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We went trick or treating in my Mom's neighborhood this year even though they weren't even home. :) It was a great neighborhood to do it in though!
I didn't get very many face pictures during the actualy act, mostly just from behind. So I got a few before we left of their faces.
Ty went as Indiana Jones (he's missing his whip in this picture):

Cheesing it up for the camera.

Libby was a "Fairy Princess Butterfly". :) I said she was a Princess Butterfly, but her answer when asked what she was changed every time between the three that she finally decided she was. Haha, oh well. I think she looked beautiful whatever she was.

Scott, Ash, Annie, Calvin, Bethany and Hudson joined us. Made for a fun trip around the block! It's so much more fun in a group!
Here was Calvin in his pumpkin costume:
 And Annie was a pumpkin too! They made a cute little pumpkin family! I wish I had gotten a group shot of everyone, but didn't think to. Ashley looked great as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills. :)
I went as a Pioneer Woman, a costume I've used more than a few times. Bethany was a turtle. Again, wish I had gotten a group shot as I didn't get any with the adults.
Ty, on his way out:
My little butterfly:
Hudson was a cute little train engineer with a whistle. Didn't get a good face-on of him. My photography skills really seem to be lacking!

 The girl cousins.
The big boy cousins (I think calvin was sleeping at this point).

Everyone say cheese!
A little late, Ty. :)

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Allyson said...

So cute! LOVE the Indiana Jones outfit. He is such a ham for the camera!!