Monday, February 18, 2013


I think instead of going back and starting at Christmas for catch up, I'll start at the end and work my way back.
We went to Chattanooga a couple weekends ago to see Andy and Meghan and find out that they are having a boy!! We went to the park while there and I was reminded how much I like the city of Chatanooga, especially the downtown. They've done such a great job with it and I wish we had areas like this here.
On the way to the carousel, which Libby was so excited about, we walked past cardboard hill, and I couldn't deny my inner child a trip down with Libby.
 Weee! What a fun use of industrial waste... bury it, cover it with grass, and make it into a park. :)

Our cardboard broke up so we had to split up.
Waling in between parks. Libby following Daddy.

Love this handsome boy! Watch out, ladies.

 Sitting on the fountain statues.
And of course, Ty has to do everything that Libby does.
My pretty girl.

Libby was so excited to ride the carousel. I got enough tickets for Libby, Ty and I then found out I didn't need one as I rode next to Ty so Libby got to go on a second round with Daddy.

Haha, Matt had to ride this little fish that was next to the donkey Libby wanted to ride. had to get a pic of this!1 :D

On the way back as we were passing the Hill again, we saw Nicole, Sam, and a bunch of friends from Cornerstone that we didn't even know were there. What a small world!
So Libby and Ty got a few more rides down.


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