Friday, March 15, 2013

Disney 1

We have lots of pictures to post of Disney.  I've also got a few pictures of the main reason we went to Florida, for Nana's 80th birthday! It was so fun and we loved hanging out with and seeing all our cousins, Aunts, & Uncles and celebrating the wonderful 80 years of Nana! 
I'll start with these Disney pics and finish later with more (mostly the Princess pictures). They downloaded in an odd order, so these won't be in order.
It turned out to be a beautiful day, just not very Florida-like. The cold front that started up here made it's way down south while we were there. Ended up being pretty cold, but warmer on the day we went to Disney. Probably the upper 50's, lower 60's.
Classic picture spot in front of Cinderella's Castle.
We had such a great time going with Scott, Ash, Annie and Calvin, Peter, Bethany and Hudson, Ben and Bri, and Mom and Dad!
Cute little princesses in front of the castle. Had to stop and get a picture!
And, of course, our little princess. She was so excited to see the castle. They should have it set up inside with rooms and an area you can explore/tour.

So sweet, I love my girl!

It's a small world from 3 perspectives:
Ty, engaged and awed:

Libby, excited and amazed:

The men, oh, the horror!:      :) LOL.
According to Libby, her favorite ride at Disney ended up being, "Fun-world, with all the dancing dolls," meaning this ride, Small-world. So glad we were talked into going on it by Bri and Mom!

While waiting, we decided to take the kids to see Ariel, even though they haven't even seen "The Little Mermaid." There were no other rides in the immediate area and I didn't realize Belle was so close (although the line for her, I'm sure, was 3-4 times as long as Ariel's).
Here is Libby, patiently waiting for our turn while watching the other little girls with her. It was so cute watching her face!!
 I think Ty was sondering why she didn't have a shirt on as he tried showing her his stomach at one point. Love the look on this boy's face!

Here she is with the 3 kiddos that we had with us. :)

Here we are at the beginning. Taking the monorail in to the park from the parking lot. I actually really enjoyed this part, and would probably ride the monorail all over Orlando if I could. Think the kiddos liked it, too.

Here we are, waiting on tickets to get in. All smiles!

And now we'll jump to the end of the day. The electric parade was awesome! I have pics of that, but didn't have time to load them on this post. Then we moved to in front of the castle for the light show and fireworks. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I was so impressed with the light show, and the way the castle kept changing to look like all the different Disney castles with all the cartoons flying across the castle-screen. I got it on video and will hopefully post it here sometime if I can. Then the fireworks were awesome! Libby loved the part where the "real" Tinkerbell flew on a zipline from the top of the castle down to the ground.
Libby, so excited!!
Some cool shots of the castle from different angles and in different lighting scenarios. This is so awesome!
I don't get many pictures of me with the kids, I need to hand the camera off more often. :)
Here's me and Ty in front of the castle after dinner. After the fireworks, instead of heading out, we went and got dinner. We were all ready for it by then. And then we checked out Tomorrowland, and area we weren't able to get to during the day. We had fun shooting aliens in the Buzz Lightyear ride, but missed Space Mountain. Another day, when the kids are older perhaps.
When we first arrived at Disney, we immediately hopped on a train to start off our day in Fantasy Land, as it had a lot of rides that the kids didn't want to miss and we were hoping to avoid the crowds at the entry. We missed all the classic pictures, then, so I took a few later on that night.
Here is the classic Walt and Mickey statue.
 Here is the evil Emporer Zurg trapped behind bars. When Libby saw him, she said, "Look, Mommy, they caught him and put him in jail!" And then Uncle Ben suggested joining him behind bars. Libby wasn't too enthusiastic about that. Ty kept trying to immitate Ben by making a gun with his hands to shoot him. It was too cute, the way he was tristing his fingers around to try to make the gun. I think his fingers found something else to do in this picture. Classic boy and love the damsel in distress look on Libby's face. :) 

 Loved this picture, so I had to throw it in here. Right before the parade, we had a fast pass to see the princesses so we bee-lined it there with Scott, Ash, Mom and Dad and the girls while some of the boys rode the Jungle Cruise. Then Libby and I booked it back to meet up with Matt and Ty before the parade started, (we were running down the crowded sidewalks right in front of the parade) and made it just in time. Glad we did, too, because we'd probably have missed seeing not only the parade with them, but also the light show and fireworks. Would have been sad to have missed seeing Ty's face through it and Matt missing Libby's awed responses.
Here is the sweet little Princess Cinderella Annie with the "real" Cinderella. I LOVE IT! AND THIS GIRL! She was so cute!!!
More princess pictures to come...

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