Sunday, March 24, 2013

Florida 2: Nana's 80th Birthday Party!

On Saturday night we celebrated Nana turning 80! It was a sweet night of fellowship, honoring Nana and hearing some fun stories about her, and dancing the night away. She is such a wonderful woman, I wish we lived closer so we could spend more time with her! She has 6 children, 26 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren (which will be 17 by the end of the year!). What a wonderful legacy!!
Our table for dinner.
Our neighboring table. 
Cousin kisses. I love how much Ty loves his cousins! He is so sweet with babies and loves to hold, hug and kiss them as much as Libby. Must get it from me. :)
 Here is mu handsome boy all duded up for the party: Love him!
 Libby was so excited to wear her new dress she helped pick out for the party.
Here's the kiddos in their fancy clothes (as Libby would put it). She loves dressing up!
 With Hudson:
 My pretty girl.
 The kids playing on the dance floor. Libby seems so old to me when I see her interacting with her little second cousins. She loves Adaya! And we love it when they visit!

 Don't think she knows what to think about all this attention from other kids!
 Sweet Libby, Adaya and my cousin Melanie (who flew in with her husband from Guatemala just for this one night!).
 Sweet girl.

 Let the dancing begin. Loved Ty nad Annie dancing together!
 And Libby shakin' it in the background! :)

 Matt and Libby, love this pic!

Unfortunately didn't get any pictures of our family before the dancing started (and Ty lost the vest and tie and I got all sweaty) so we didn't get any great family shots. :( Oh well, this will have to do:

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