Sunday, March 24, 2013

Florida 1

We went to Florida at the beginning of this month for my Nana's 80th birthday. It was so much fun getting to spend some time with Nana, cousins, second cousins, Aunts, and Uncles. Not to mention all of my family. I will treasure that time for many years to come till we can do it again. I love family reunions!! I especially loved the chance for my kids to hang out with their cousins and my cousins (second cousins?), and my cousins' kids (also second cousins?). :)
Here are a couple pics of the trip down. We carpooled with Scott and Ash and Nicole and Sam. We left Thursday night and stayed in Valdosta, then finished the last few hours in the morning. That was a great way to break it up!
The kids did great! No breakdowns in the car, although we did here "When will we be in Florida for Nana's birthday?" quite a few times.
Libby with her coloring table. This girl likes to color and does an amazing job picking appropriate colors and staying in the lines. She takes 30 minutes to an hour just to color 1 picture, but the outcome is worth it. And it keeps her occupied for a while.
Here she's coloring some Disney pictures.:
 Ty just chilling. They watched a movie going down and a movie coming back and that was great, but there's only so many kid movies Matt could take while driving so we had to resort to other alternatives. Ty loved seeing all the cows and horses and would scream out "Mooo!" or "Neigh!" when he saw them.

My cousin, Angela's little girl, Abygail, who is Ty's age. She's going to be a big sister this year... to 2 new babies!
 Ty had fun playing around the resort with her the first night.

The next day we got to just chill and hang out with all the family at the Marriott World Center Resort.
The weather was fair, but rather chilly.
Poppy and Hudson.
My cousin, Stephen's little girl Adaya. She is so sweet and full of smiles! She's also going to be a big sister this year. Nana's great grandchildren are multiplying exponentially!
 It was so much fun playing volleyball with everyone while the kids played in the sand.

 Pregnanat Momma. :) Love this girl!

 Ty checking out Adaya's blankie-bear.
Ty with my cousin, Johnny. Ty loves their family! Probably because they have 3 boys!

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Allyson said...

I can't believe we just missed you guys by like a day at Disney!!

Where is Libby's car lap desk from?? It looks awesome!