Monday, October 05, 2009

8 Month pics

I am now over a month behind in my postings, but hopefully I can catch up in a week or so. Libby is now 9 months old, but I haven't yet posted her 8 month pics, so I thought I'd do that first. We went to Cove park and had a great time on a beautiful day. Sorry if these are all very similar. I picked my favorites out of about a hundred, so this is definitely a limited list, but we didn't have much variety in the pictures, so they are similar.

I love her hand in this one!
And she made the cutest face!!
Hanging out on a swing. I love the sailboats in the background.
So happy to be posing for me! :)

I think I'm going to have to frame this one! I think this was Matt's favorite.
I think she was looking at the sailboats!
Love what she does with her hands!

Another black and white of her looking off into the distance. :)
Love this one!
Here is one in color. I don't know where that strawberry blonde hair came from!
She looks ready to beat someone up in this one. :)


Another cute face.
Another cute pose.
Her little injured toes.

Watching some kids go by. She loves people watching!
And smiling at strangers and friends alike!
Last one.

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Allyson said...

Those are great! And I'm quite a fan of her strawberry blonde hair!