Monday, October 12, 2009

Misc. Pics

Now that I'm finally done with the last group of pictures downloaded from my camera, I'm ready to set into a whole other folder from this month and last month. Here are some miscellaneous pics that I got.

We had a "girls' day" with Sarah and Lucy and Holly and Hosanna. Here are some pics of the girls playing together. One of the only pics I got of all three of them together looking the same direction. It's hard to keep the interest of three curious, playful, growing girls! Libby and Lucy. Love their faces here! Lucy looks like she's singing a ballad. Hosanna was so photogenic! And I love all the red curls and bright blue eyes! She bumped her head so took a little snuggle break with Mama. So cute!
Hosanna playing. Libby was so funny that day. She doesn't particularly enjoy playing with her toys anymore... until someone else has them. She wanted whatever Lucy had. I guess it's a good time to start teaching her to share! She was also very physical, pushing and pulling the girls around. I don't know where she gets this from!

A few weeks ago I decided to try out some new tricks with my camera. I was working with depth of field and focusing on certain objects. I practiced with Libby's toys. I love my camera! Here's one of the practice shots.
I got some great practice shots, until Libby noticed her toys on the railing and decided it was time for her to end the photo shoot of her animals. :)

A beautiful fall day. Libby looking out the window and "barking" at the dogs across the street. She was so interested at finding the source of the noise and was immitating the little dog. :)

Libby eats a variety of foods now. Many of our adult foods, too! Here she is eating some cowboy spaghetti with Matt's family. She was so funny trying to share her noodles with Papaw. And finding her fallen noodles in her bib and happily pulling out handfuls!
Here are her little fingers picking up some noodles.
Making a mess.
Cute face!
Lots of practice!
Those things are hard to grab!
She loves cowboy spaghetti! And regular spaghetti, too, for that matter! We had a deliscious meal at Matt's parents' house on Saturday. No pictures of that, my camera's battery was dead.
So long for now! I'll try to post a few more catch-up pics tommorrow and hopefully have a 9-month post by the end of this week. I'm sure we'll have a bunch of pic's to post next week after "Family Fall Day"!

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