Tuesday, October 20, 2009

9 Months

Libby has now been 9 months old for a few weeks. She's actually coming up on her 10 month b-day. I can't believe it! Time is flying by so fast! It seems like yesterday she was 3 months. She is still learning so many new things every day. She can pull up on stuff and walk all around the coffee table or anything else at her level. She crawls everywhere and follows me around the house. Yesterday she played her first game of hide and seek. I would leave and go to another room and then call her. She would follow my voice as best she could (she's not so good at the game yet :) and make it to the room I was in. She would then sit down while I continued to say her name (from behind the bed or door) and she would finally find me and get all excited! So fun to be able to start playing games with her!

She now has two large teeth on top (I think one is coming in crooked) and two little ones on the bottom. And I just noticed today that she has another one coming through on top next to her big one, on the other side. I'll have to get pictures to post them. I hope the other side comes in quickly so she doesn't just have 3 teeth on top. :)

She crawled in the grass for the first time today. She's sat in the grass before, but never ventured out. I can't believe I haven't had her outside in the grass much since she's been crawling. It has been VERY rainy and soggy. Today was beautiful so I took her outside on a blanket. She sat there for a while and was having fun looking around and pulling out grass on the side of the blanket. Then I think she figured out she could get off of it. It was funny watching her figure that out. She was on the blanket on her knees and would put one hand out in the grass and pull it back, then try again. Finally she got it through the grass and onto the ground, then she was off! She crawled a few feet away, lifting her hands very high each time and then sat down and pulled out grass.

She LOVES dogs and animals! She's always looking for them if she hears them. She tries to talk to them. When she hears a dog outside, or a bird like today, she talks back with, "aaah, ah, ah!" yelled very loudly. She likes to do this with Rose, too. Funny, this is also how she sings.

We've got a great new CD - "Seed of Courage" from the Seeds Family Worship group of CD's. We also have "Seeds of Praise". Libby loves the songs and dances to them, sometimes clapping her hands, sometimes trying to sing along. It's great! The first song she sings will likely be a Bible verse (they are all Bible verses). She'll be memorizing Scripture as soon as she can talk! The CD's are great and I find myself singing along. I now have about 10 more Bible verses memorized. :) For those of you who know some of the songs, her favorite is the "Crushed" song based on Psalms 34:18 . Her favorite parts are the kids at the beginning yelling "crushed" and the "Ya ya" parts (she can sing that part. :)

Sorry for not having any pics to post today. I actually have a bunch more to post, but don't have time at the minute. I just thought I'd share some of Libby's current experiences. I hope to post more pics tomorrow.

Now off to the park to run and then to the grocery store.

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