Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pink Bear and Baby Doll

Here is her pink parade bear with an eye patch.
Libby examining it.
Curious about the button eye.
She still loves it after all.
Can't you tell? :)
For Christmas we got her a baby doll. Since she loved the bear so much we thought it might be time for a doll. She loved it! She hugs it and holds it. We got a video of when she opened it. I'll see if I can post it some time. As soon as she saw it she hugged it, cardboard box and all.
I know it looks like she's eating the face off, but this is her giving kisses to her baby. Unprompted!
She loves her baby!
Libby gives great hugs and kisses now. It melts your heart when her little hands work their way back behind your head and she gives you a tight squeeze. So precious! We're still working on closed-mouth kisses but she's the sweetest thing!

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