Monday, January 04, 2010

Some Christmas pics

This picture is actually on the day after Christmas at Mamaw and Papaw Kelly's house (Libby's great grandparents). Libby posed for a picture, so I had to take it. :)

Christmas Eve at Matt's parents house. Libby's first go at opening a Christmas present.
"It's so big! And it's for me?"
Libby loved Christmas! She did great opening gifts, it just took her an hour for each gift. And then she was so thrilled with the gift, she wasn't interested in more. One gift would have been enough. It's too bad we don't stay this way. She did get the idea, though. She loved the bows the most and after opening a few of her gifts, she went around and collected the bows from everyone elses.

" I've got a long way to go if I only pull of these little pieces."

It's a Busy Ball Popper!
She loved it, but it scared her the first few times it went on.
It didn't take her long to figure it out. Before long, she was pushing the button to turn it on, sometimes still jumping when it came on. Then she figured out where to put the balls when the popped onto the floor. Now when she turns it on, she watches it, then goes and collects the balls that pop out and puts them back in. Hey, maybe it'll be good training for cleaning up! :)

Christmas is exhausting! She kept taking little rest breaks, laying on the floor. She cracks me up!
Santa Baby
Posing for the cameras.
She loved this little rocker at Mom and Dad Carr's house. She would get in it and rock, well really more of shake it, then stand up and climb back in, then turn around and sit down, then start all over again. I think we need to get one for our house.
We went to a parade in December with Matt's parents. Libby loved it! She kept watching everything go by. A few of the "floats" were throwing out stuffed animals. One person threw something to Libby, and Phil (Matt's dad) went and got it for her. It was a little pink fake carebear with heart on it. Not very cute and definitely not what I would have chosen for her to get attached to. But get attached to it she did! I've never seen her so cuddly with a stuffed animal. I think it was more sentimental because of where she got it than anything. But she would hug it, then pat it and rub it. She loved the thing! Matt says she's got a heart for the unloved. Long story short, Maggie (a golden retriever who loves to chew stuffed animals) got a hold of it and chewed a part of the face off. I need to get a picture of it now, because my sister patched it up real cute. I don't think it actually got any uglier than it was to start with. But it did scare Libby a bit at first. She would hug it when she saw it from the back, but then throw it away when she saw the patch! :) She's a little more used to it now, but hasn't started loving on it like she used to. Here's a picture of Libby and her Mamaw at the parade.
Christmas pics at my Mom's house. Funny face!
Cute pose.
Standing with a nutcracker.

Cute pose on a dog. :) How many cute poses does she have?
More to come, I've got a lot to go through!

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Allyson said...

I love her little animal hat from the parade picture!! Why can't they make cute stuff like that for boys??? :)