Tuesday, April 06, 2010

15 Months and Easter!

Libby had her 15-month appointment and it was a good report! She's grown and is inching back up the charts from her last appointment. She is 31 inches tall (70%) and 21 pounds, 6 ounces (35%). Her head is still at 50%, where it's been since she was born.
I thought she was getting tall and sure enough, she's back to exceeding on the tall scale, and staying low on the weight. That's alright, she's just the right size!
After I measured her last month on this thing, she loves to back up to it on the wall and tries to get me to measure her. She always makes the cutest faces and I think she knows it!

She's now getting her first set of molars in (all 4 at the same time!) and it's not so fun. She's already got two in on the top and the bottom two are trying to come through. When those are in, she'll have 12 teeth! She's still not saying too many words besides Mama, Dada, papapa and du-du (meaning dog). But she did learn one new one! Banana! Who would have figured. She doesn't have it down, exactly, but she does say variations of it from Bamama to Anana. We were in the grocery store yesterday and she saw them and yelled out "Anana!" It was so cute and she said it again when we saw some on the other side of the store. She definitely doesn't do it when we ask her to, but if you listen, you'll catch it! Her other word she's working on is Maggie, except for her it's Ma-ma (not like my name, but like the beginning of Maggie twice. :) That's my sister, Ashley and her husband, Scott's dog. We were at their house the other day and she was getting excited saying it.
Here are some cute recent pics of her. As I look at them, I realize how fast she's growing up! My little Toddler!

I love this face and those pretty blue eyes! We were experimenting with a new hair-do (a french braid) and it looked so cute! But didn't last long!
Zoolander?... Working her model pose. :)
She likes to try to write on things (especially books and papers), so I'm VERY glad she hasn't figured out how to get the pen part out yet. Then there will be some serious training before all our books get ruined. She even holds the pen right in her hand. Here she is trying to write on the stairs. I love how she just flopped down on the floor on her stomach.
Looking out the window to see if Daddy was home yet. Love the little legs and arms!

Easter Sunday! Going to church.

Playing on the floor in the lobby, where we spent the service becuase she's getting her molars in and many sicknesses are going around. When she's teething, everything goes to her mouth. So I figured I'd keep her in the lobby instead of having a sick baby for the week. Funny, but somehow she still picked up a cough. Oh, well, you do what you can!
Fell asleep on the way to Great Mamaw and Papaw's. She did have a couple of late nights that weekend.
Barely awake enough to take pictures. This girl takes a LONG time to wake up! Notice the grumpy face. :)
Checking out her sandals.
Too cute! I love those cheeks!

She enjoyed walking around the yard and checking out all the flowers. She'd put them all up to her nose to smell them, and then try to eat some of them. So funny!
Hanging out on the porch after a wonderful meal!
Libby and her great-papaw.
Our little family. :) I think we all needed some sunglasses.

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