Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Some things I've come to appreciate:
Morning devotions before Libby wakes up. I love the sun streaming through the window, casting long shadows across my page. Something about it just seems right.

A good cup of coffee. Yes, I am now officially a coffee drinker and it's hard to get through the day now without it.
The sweet Word, more necessary for life than food or drink.
And, of course, then my little girl wakes up.
Doing her morning yoga. :)
Helping her baby blow her nose, and wiping it's face off. She actually makes the blowing sound out of her nose when she holds it to mine or the babies nose. So cute, she's learning fast!

I thought she looked so much like a little girl here. She's growing up way to fast!!!

Making silly faces. I love her in pigtails!
Something we can all appreciate as the weather changes, a fruit smoothie! And of course Libby wants some too. The nice lady at Smoothie King gave me a little cup so I could drink mine while sharing with Libby. Normally it's hard to pull my cup away from her as she's enjoying it, so this was a treat for me!
She LOVES smoothies!
We went to the park with some friends a couple of weeks ago and had a blast! It's so fun for Libby to be able to enjoy the playground now that she's older!
Playing with her friend Gavin.
Peeking through the bars.
Of course, like always, she likes to do her own thing and explore, so I wind up chasing her down most of the time.
Trying out the slide. She enjoyed it!
They even had a sand box. She liked that, too. I can't wait to go to the beach at the end of next month and see how she likes it now!
She's got a concentrated look in this picture, guess she's trying to figure out what kind of work involves sand.
Thanks to our friend, Mrs. Allyson, we found out about free cone day at Ben and Jerry's and Libby and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Libby's first ice cream cone all to herself. Surprisingly, she didn't make a HUGE mess. :) Thanks, Allyson, for letting us borrow a bib!
Friends hanging out having ice cream together. Gavin looks hillarious in this picture! Like a sumo wrestler! Is he trying to hold Libby's hand?...
Yay, free cone day!
Gavin truly appreciates a good cone of ice cream! And he knows how to get it done!
I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream!
After ice cream, we went to the park for a picnic. :) We reversed lunch a little. Adds a little spice to life. :) It's days like this that I truly appreciate my job. What other jobs entail going to get ice cream and then to the park on a beautiful day? Being a stay-at-home-mom definitely has its benefits! Thanks, Matt, for working out of the home so I can stay in it!
Experimenting with Libby's long hair is fun.
Libby thought this was pretty funny, so I had to snap a pic.

And, of course, a blog in the springtime would never be complete without a flower picture! daffodils are indeed in bloom. Hooray for spring time! Praise the Lord for His beauty expressed in creation!

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Allyson said...

I'm working on a Spring post too! I think we'll have a lot of the same pictures. HOLY COW Gavin looks so fat in that picture holding Libby's hand! Or maybe he didn't get enough of his own ice cream and he's trying to eat some more! Haha. We had fun with you guys!