Thursday, April 08, 2010

Finally, some words!

No new pictures to update, just a few notes on things Libby's learning. While running with her a few days ago, she learned to use the shade/visor on the stroller to block the sun from her eyes. It cracked me up when I realized what she was doing. We'd go around a bend and the sun would move to another spot and she would move the visor up and down until it was where she wanted it, then leave it. After a few times of this (she also pushed it out of the way when the sun was gone so she had a better view), I looked to see what she was doing and discovered how very smart she is! The small bit of shade from the visor was right across her eyes. It was so fun to watch her adjust it after I realized what she was doing!

She will also now give you a "pound" in addition to a high five if you ask for it. :) Very cute.

And, best or all, she saying so many words now! She's tried repeating the following words after me: bird, outside, juice, banana, Maggie, good morning, pound, meow, and much more! She's not exactly saying them on her own yet, but she will copy me sometimes when I ask her to. I don't know if her talking will turn out to be a blessing or a curse! :) She may be talking my ear off and asking a thousand questions before too long. It is fun to hear her try to say things, though!

She's now coloring and drawing pictures for me as well. So maybe she's not actually "drawing" pictures, but she does color and make lines! And she gets the most concentrated look on her face while she's doing it, too. I'll have to try to get a picture of it to post later. She even tries to hold the pencil/crayons the right way in her hand. And she is definitely right handed!

I can't believe all the new stuff she's learning. I keep saying I think she learns new things every day and growing up faster and faster, but I think it is actually true!! And not just a Mom's biased opinion. :)

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