Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Another tooth! and Labor Day

Well, I'm very sad to say that Libby is now getting her first top tooth. :( I'm so sad for her to lose her gummy smile! The bottom teeth weren't so bad as she usually smiles so you can see the top gums, but this is a very sad day for me as I don't want to lose my baby! I just discovered the tooth as we were celebrating Ashley's birthday (I'll post picutres from that in another post) on Sunday. It's already made it's way through her gums! And I didn't even know it!

Oh well, she's still a cutie! Here are some pictures of a fun day on the lake on Labor Day. Our frineds, Ryan and Allyson, were gracious to invite us out with them on their boat. It turned out to be a beautiful day dispite the forecast.

Libby having a great time!
Matt and Libby going for a little swim. The lifejacket actually works!

Libby had her first tubing experience! Josh with his little girl Lucy on the right and Matt and Libby on the left.
She had a good time. :)

I'll post some more pictures (they're getting backed up) from my new camera, but these were just a few from our older camera that I brought out on the boat that were easy to upload.

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