Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aunt Ashley's Birthday - Low Country Boil!

I'm still catching up on pictures! It will probably be a while because I still have several more sets to go through! For Ashley's 23rd Birthday party, they had everyone over for a low country boil (Thanks to Debra and Durie) and it was absolutely deliscious! In fact, thinking about it now makes me so hungry! A low country boil is where everything is cooked in one pot, then poured out on newspaper to enjoy - no utensils needed. Ours included corn, potatoes, sausage, shrimp and onion!
Here's a picture of the spread.

From the other side.
Birthday flowers! Beautiful!
I think Libby is trying to tell me something in the picture below. Scroll down to the bottom to see what we discovered!
Lucy and her Grandpa.Add Image Josh and Sarah
Good finger-licking food!
Mom and Dad
Libby enjoying some of the good stuff
Adam and Holly
Birthday girl and her hubby. Thanks, Scott, for making this happen!
How much is too much? Stuffed.
Here's what we discovered... Libby had another tooth! And on the top! It's in pretty good now, here is was just coming through. I was wondering about all the drooling and playing with her finger in her mouth. She loves to feel her teeth with her finger and her tongue, which sticks out a lot now!

Ah, good times, good friends, good food. Happy Birthday, Ash!

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