Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dad's Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from Dad's surprise 50th Birthday. Mom did a great job planning the whole fifties themed party. It was so fun! I've got more pictures to post, but for now here are the ones I loaded.
Ben and Uncle John. Pool Sharks. :)
Matt and Uncle Jim. Taking it all in.
Intense game of pool? Or a posed shot? You guess. :)
All the guys dressed in their "fifties" white t-shirts and rolled up jeans.
The girls in their Poodle skirts and fifties garb.

Uncle John's preffered method of playing Rock band.
Mom and Dad swinging away. So cute!
Ashley and her two nieces.
Libby is getting a little too physical. She loves her friends, but likes a hands on approach. Maybe becuase we're pretty hands on with her. And giving her a thousand hugs and kisses a day. :)
Head to head. Lucy looks pretty intimidating here.
Libby, again being physical. Or maybe she's just laying her hands on Lucy?
The girls were so cute playing "tag" on the floor at like 11 o'clock PM. Lucy would scootch away and then look back for Libby to follow, waving her on. They were sooo funny! I wish I had caught it on video!

Ben and Brianna. We can't wait to see you guys in October. Ben, hope Florida is treating you well. Bri, hope school is going well!

Uncle Jim and Aunt Karen. What are they watching that is so entertaining?
Ashley... singing the U.G.L.Y. Song.
Great faces! Such a cheerleader!
Or Ben and Sam doing the evolution of dance! That was great! Twisting?
Or it could have been David, doing the Robot and crazy dancing. Didn't get a picture of that up here.
That's it for now.


Sarah said...

I love the pictures of Lucy and Libby! By the way...don't you mean 50th birthday? lol

Shannon said...

Oh, yeah! I don't know where anniversary came from. :) That's funny. Thanks.