Monday, May 21, 2012

Ballet Recital and Sheeba

Libby's First Ballet Recital

Libby was in ballet at the CCK co-op this year. She just made the age limit for Pre-ballet. She learned so much and had such a good time. It was a great expreience for her to learn to sit still in a group and listen to the teacher. Not to mention all the fun skills she learned in it and the chance to dance in a recital in front of a bunch of people! I was wondering if she'd get nervous, but she didn't and she performed great! I am so thankful she had this opportunity. Christen McCiuston was her teacher this semester and did such a great job with them! She was so patient and kind with such a young age group and did such fun things with them that Libby does at home now (like dance around the house like a butterfly!)
Since she was going to be on stage, I let her wear a little make-up. She loved it! I even put a little mascara on her. No eyelash curler needed for these long lashes! She was excited to wear some of "Mommy's makeup" and the result was a little scary. She looked like a little teenager and was absolutely gorgeous! So maybe I do have a little "Dance Moms" or "Toddlers in Tiarras" in me after all. Hmph, would never have thought it. :)
Here we are at home getting ready for the recital:
 Mascara and lip gloss and all.

And at church getting her costume on.

 I love this one of her tying her ballet shoes.

Now for a ton of pics from that night.

I wasn't able to get many of her during the actualy recital because they didn't want any flashes to cause the kids to tumble off the stage. :) But the videos should be enough.

Ty was enthralled by all the glittering ballerinas. This face is priceless. :)

Afterwards they gave all the ballerinas a rose. Libby loved being front and center stage.

 And posing for all my shots.

Here she is with Miss Christen.

Taking a bow. For all the things she did learn, I don't think she ever really got the whole curtsy thing down too well. :)

I had to get at least one pic with her, proud Mama that I am.

Wit hher frined Lucy.

And Hosanna. I didn't get any good shots of all three of them together.
She was fluffing Hosanna's tutu and I just happened to get a shot just at the right time to catch this:    Love it!

This one of Libby and Daddy came out great! I think it's a framer.


I snapped some shots of Sheeba the other day to send to the breeder we got her from. I thought I'd post some here so we can remember Sheeba at 6 months.

She's growing fast, but still cute as can be! I love her long, lean body with a cute bully face. Actually turning out to be quite a good looking American Bulldog!

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