Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ty's 1 Year Old!

So I'm a little late in posting about Ty turning a year, but at least I've posted about his party!

He turned 1 year old last month. He waited till he was 11 months to get any teeth, and now he has more than most of his friends. he cut about 7 teeth at once. I think he now has 8, but he's chewing on his fingers in the back a lot, which makes me think he might be getting even more! Here is a pic of those two big front teeth coming in.

At his 1 year appointment, he has finally made it onto the charts! He is at the 3% in his weight. Before, they always write, below the 3%. I didn't realize how below he was till I got a peek at his graph at the appointment. At his last apopintment, he was WAY below the graph. So I'm just happy he now on it. At the bottom, but I don't mind that. Saves me some heavy lifting. :) He is at the 25% in his height, so up in both areas. Yay! Since then, I think he started packing on the weight. He got his double chin back!

Wild thing....

You make my heart sing.
Speaking of singing, Ty loves to dance! Anything with a beat, or even to Libby's lovely off-key singing and he is dancing. Libby loves to make up songs now, and I usually have to join in after she teaches them to me. :) After we got back from the grocery store the other day and Libby was singing about her balloon not floating away, and how everything is orange when she looks through her balloon, etc. She decided to put it to music and told me when we get home she was going to play the piano and make music to go with her song. Reminded me so much of Ash and I when we were young. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. :)

Anyways, Ty has 2 favorite types of dancing. I'll have to see if I can catch both on camera and post them here. One is just bouncing, the other is shaking his head all over the place and is definitely my favorite. He doesn't do that one as much anymore, I think because it made him so dizzy. :)

He's now standing and bending over to pick stuff up off the floor without holding onto something very well. Especially if he's holding something, then he'll stand almost indefinitely, or until Libby or Sheeba come around to knock him over  accidentally. He took his first steps to Matt. Yay! I'm so glad that even though he's not around much because of school, he was here for that very important milestone. He now has great balance and could walk great if he knew it. He still doesn't have confidence on his own, so I have to trick him into walking by keeping him distracted so he doesn't know I let go of his hand. I think he'll be running soon. I'm not in that big of a hurry for him to start walking, becuase I'm afraid then he'll grow too independent, and I still need him to be my baby for a while. I do love his running crawl, too. I'll have to post a video of that, too. You can hear him coming down the hall with the pat-pat-pat of his little hands going so fast. And he crawls like a little bulldog with his hands turned in. It's too cute!

I think I've given Libby the wrong idea about what a park is for. Whenever I mention the park, she automatically thinks we're going running. And sometimes she gets to play on the playground, when we have time. :( Oh well, she doesn't seem to mind riding in the double stroller. In fact, neither of them do. I think I've only had a crying baby on a run once, maybe twice. Libby's been wanting to run with me now, so I let her for a little ways until she gets tired. She actually made it a little over half a mile today. I think she looks so cute when she runs, with her arms all over the place.

She is definitely turning into a little girl. And so helpful, too! I heard her rumaging around in the closet the other day and asked her what she was doing. She was replacing the toilet paper in our bathroom becuase it had run out! I cracked up! She is so sweet and loves Ty so much. She also informs Matt and I on a frequent basis that we are "the best Mommy (or Daddy) ever". And that we are her best friends.

She jsut finished her first semester of ballet at our church co-op and loved it! I'll post about the recital soon.

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