Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ty's Birthday Party

For Ty's 1-Year Birthday, we decided to do a low-country boil with the fam.

Here are the fixins for the boil, all ready to go. I love all this yummy food! I didn't get a picture of the burner in action, but it turned out great!

 Everyone raised their food in the air for a food toast, and Ty joined right in, raising his corn high. :)

As I expected, Ty loved all the food. Libby especially loved the shrimp! She kept finding them and asking us to peel them. I think she had 3 people peeling shrimp for her at once, then she just collected and ate. I'm glad she likes seafood.

Here's everyone but Andy and Meghan. The day was perfect for eating outside! We missed you, Ben and Bri! And, wait, where is Nicole? :) MIA as usual.

I forgot he doesn't have enough teeth to actually chew the corn off the cob, so I later cut it off for him.
So happy to be eating.

Ty's favorite part about his birhtday? The balloons! Ever since Kroger started handing out balloons, it seems we always have them in the house in various stages of drooping. Ty loves playing with them so I got him some for the party. He kept getting so excited to see them. :)

The cake. Butterfinger Cake. Yumm. Since I don't know Ty's favorite yet, I let Matt decide since his brithday is just a couple days after Ty's.

A bit skeptical at first. Not sure how dirty he wanted to get. He tasted the Cool Whip and didn't know what to think. Then he got some of the cake and discovered the joys of birthdays! He ate all the cake right out from under the Cool Whip.

The kids played on the hill. Peter got Libby, Hudson and Annie rolling down it. I didn't get any good shots of that unfortunately.

And this is how you dress for a good low country boil. Just strip down and dig in!

Birthday presents. Loved the maracas. I think he thought they were microphones, though.

He loves this little mower! And I love it because it's helping him learn to walk. It is by no means a stable walking toy, so he has to walk on his own and keep his balance. He can stand on his own for a few seconds now. Longer if he's distracted. And he cruises around everything. He's just starting to take his first steps, but I'll save that for the next post about him being 1 year old.

 Happy Birthday, Ty!

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