Thursday, April 26, 2012


We had a great Easter at Mom's house this year. We were, again, in the hospital with Ty being born last year. Not the same dates, because Easter came much earlier this year. This time last year, we were actually celebrating Libby's 2 year birthday (very late), or in the hospital with Libby having Rotavirus.

Ty loves this car! I think I remember someone else loving this car, too.

And the kids all love this little boat as well. It only rocks, so I can't figure out the draw, but they love it!

Annie was so cute pushing Ty around in the little car! This is the best form of sharing!
 They were so cute!

Love this one of Libby and I! Thanks, Bri, for taking it!


Another Egg hunt. Ty was getting pretty good at it now.

Poppy handing out Easter goodies.

We dyed eggs for the first time this year! I didn't boil many, not knowing if they'd actually like it or not. Libby and Annie had fun. And so did the adults. We got a little creative. I never knew dying eggs could be so fun! I love the green one with the flower on it. I never would have guessed that coloring with crayons first leaves the imprint when they're dyed. Glad I got this little egg dying kit from Build-A-Bear, for free!

I also loved the two-toned one.

I never would have guessed that an egg that cracked slightly before dying it would turn our this cool on the inside! This was the rubber-band after being opened and just prior to being eaten by Libby. How fun!

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