Friday, April 27, 2012

Strawberries and Breakfast!

Strawberry Preserves

Thanks to the kind call of a friend, we found out about a great deal on some fresh strawberries. Ashley, Bethany, Bri, Mom and I all pitched in and got a bunch. Then we decided to make some Strawberry Preserves with them. This was the first time I'd done it on our own, the last time Ashley's experienced mother-in-law, Deb, showed us how to do it. That was several years ago. The results from that were incredible so I was excited to have a go at it without supervision this time. :)

I was going to try to get pictures of every step so I don't forget how to do it, but I got as far as the chopping and then got much too busy. Here are the strawberries and the chopping process.

We got 2 flats:

Don't they look so fresh and yummy? They were!

I didn't even get a picture of the total results, only my take home portion.

Doesn't look like much, but it'll last quite a while. We decided to make various sizes as we all use various amounts of Strawberry jam at one time. I'm excited to use the large leftover jars as drink glasses. Something about drinking sweet tea from a mason jar just seems very appealing to me. I must be a country girl at heart.

Do pretty and vibrant!

I'm ashamed to say, I haven't actually broken into any of them yet. I'm trying to use up the leftover Kroger-brand strawberry jam I have in the fridge because I know it'll go bad once I break into these. They also make AWESOME cake filler for in between the layers. I usually use one for Libby's birthday cake. She's already told me she wants another strawberry one this year. :) I have to explain it's a good ways away, but she doesn't care.


Libby was so excited one morning that I let Ty sit at her table with her to eat breakfast. I had to pull out the camera for this little first.

They loved eating together! Especially Ty, who of course finished first and then tried to dig into Libby's as she wasn't eating fast enough. He normally crawls over and finishes off her breakfast at the little table anyways. Have to watch what I give her as he is sure to finish it off. Caught him eating her poptart this morning. I don't think those are approved for 1 year olds.

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