Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Titus' birthday party

We joined Titus Smith for his 1 year birthday party last Saturday while Matt was in classes. Thanks for inviting up, Holly!

I brought my camera so thought I'd try to take a few pics. I was hoping to get some good shots of them with their buddies, but it ended up being easier to catch a few of them by themselves.

Here are those big blue eyes again! I hope they stay just like they are!

I guess that's the story of everything with Ty, I want him to stay just as he is, my baby! His size is deceiving. I just cleaned out his drawers and pulled out some 0-3 month clothes that he FINALLY grew out of! So when I put him in the little 6-month outfits, I guess I expect him to still be acting like a 6-month old. But he isn't! He's growing fast! He's standing on his own for a short time now! And reaching for me from standing at a table, trying to take a few steps. I haven't worked with him like I did with Libby at this age, but he's still trying it on his own! Libby was taking her first steps at 11 1/2 months, but I guess I didn't think Ty would as well. He may stay up with her yet!

 He loved Owen's giraffe. I think I need to find him one of these.

Titus got a cute little work bench that is perfect for their age! Ty was trying it out. I think we'll have to find one.

As of last week, Ty didn't have 1 tooth! This week, the first one busted through! Hooray! Although I'm sad to lose the gummy smile, it's about time to let it go. Glad he'll at least have 1 tooth for his first birthday this month. You can see it on the bottom right gums in this picture (below). Glad I got a picture of it, I was wondering how I'd catch a pic of it. I think he'll have more than 1 by his birthday, though. I noticed today that the other one on the bottom is coming through and he has 4 on the top that are about to come through. You can already see the white lines on them and clearly see his gums finally losing the battle. I'll be glad when they do come through becuase, although he is still the happiest baby and doing soooo well considering how much he's teething right now, I can definitely tell they're bothering him and dinner time is becoming terrible! He screams when he's done or still eating now and I think it might be because of his teeth.

Libby being a little lady. I caught her sitting with her legs crossed in this cute little chair. Glad she's learning a little modesty. ;) Love her!

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