Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Zoo

We went to the zoo recently, and of course took pictures! It ended up being a large crowd and we had a great time! It was a beautiful day. Here are some of the kiddos that were with us. I love Libby's face in this, although it's hard to see in these smaller pics.

My sweet girl.

We spent quite a bit of time in the kid area, which was great becuase we normally don't get much time there.

Ty was helping rfeed the animals as Libby was cutting up the food. He's gotten into picking things up and putting them somewhere else, or in something else, or throwing them on the floor (his favorite place to put food when he's done with it).
 I guess he decided this one was too good to pass up. :)

Love these big blue eyes!
I think he's wondering, "These all look so good, why don't they taste good, too?" I guess he's a little young to understand pretend stuff.

Libby making a platem, probably for herself. This looks a bit like her lunches usually do. :)

I recently discovered that Ty loves tunnels! I wasn't sure if he'd be up for the dark tunnel that goes up over the famr animal area. Once he figured out it wasn't just going to drop out under him, he loved it! He became very independent and would get to the bottom where I was waiting, then turn around and go as fast as he could back up to the area above the barn.

 And peek his little face out of the gate, smiling. Then he would switch to the other side to see if he could see anybody else.

 He did get a bit scared when he tried to pull up on the chicken coop and there was a rooster that wasn't too happy. He was very startled when the rooster tried to eat his fingers off. Frankly, I was scared for him too. Didn't realise the rooster could get that close. Ty didn't like him.

It's so fun that both my little kiddos can have fun with some of the same things now. They love our train table and these animal tables were a hit at the Wee play area.

Big smiles, as usual.

More friends joined us after the kids play area.

Towards the end, the little guys were pretty wiped out. Owen joined Ty in the covered stroller while the girls still had plenty of energy.

They ended up napping together for a short time. Or, as Libby calls it, they both "crashed out". She always informs me when Ty "crashes out" in the car. :)

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