Thursday, April 26, 2012

Long overdue for some blogging

Bri, you were right. I do blog in spurts. I guess I wait for the pics to build up and then I finally make to to do my "scrapbooking", if you will. :) So here are some long overdue blog posts. I'll start with the earliest and work my way forward.

We got to hang out with our friends the Plews a few times and I pulled my camera out for the last round. We got to hang out with Libby's friend (Freeman), Ty's friend (Tess), and "the big boy" as Libby called him (Zeke).

Making a fort:

Hanging out in the "kitchen".

Love both their tongues hanging out in this one. They were clapping together.

Hmm, boy girl. Girl, boy. Do I see some future relationship material here?

Whoa, Free, back off. I was thinking far, far into the future. Libby, that would be the correct response right now. :) Guess we'd better wait and see how they all turn out first. :)

 Sweet kiddos.

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