Thursday, August 27, 2009

8 Months old!

Boy, time flies! A week gone in the blink of an eye. I vowed to keep up with this blog at least once a week and I seem to be just getting by with the bare minimum. And we have so much to catch up on! Libby is 8 months old today! To the best of my knowledge (our digital scale and measuring on the wall) she is 18 pounds and 27 inches tall (50th percentile in both). Libby learns so fast, and even in the span of one week she learns so many new things! Where do I even start? Well, she has 2 teeth now. I just about gave up trying to get a picture of them after trying multiple times! Finally the persistence paid off and I got one! She now has her two bottom teeth, although they are not very big yet (thank goodness!). I'm not ready yet to give up her cute little toothless smile!
Sorry about the messy face, I had to do it during breakfast so she would open her mouth. :)

She moves around pretty good now and is just starting to get into stuff. I was working in the kitchen the other day and when I turned around, she had started pulling all the drinks off our drink cart. Disclaimer: We don't usually have this much soda in the house, there was just as sale at Kroger so we stocked up.

It was beautiful last Sunday so I took the oppotunity to get some shots of Libby.

The sun makes her hair look so golden!

Matt took her for a ride in her wagon back to the garage. Rose went along with them.

Libby loves Rose! She especially likes to watch her.

When the wagon isn't moving, she gets adventurous and tries to stand up. She accomplished it below.

Another golden-hair picture in the sunlight.

Playing with sticks in the woods. She did try to eat it, too.

Cute face. :)

The guys kind of did a "guys night" playing poker the other day, so Sarah, Ashley, Debra Andrews and I all hung out (oh, and Lucy and Libby too). Look at these beautiful eyelashes on Lucy!

Lucy and Libby hanging out on the blanket (not for long, Lucy takes off!)

Libby got her first small injury. Scraped toes. :( She doesn't even notice it. :) She got it the way most kids got scraped up toes (at least in our family). Going for a ride in her "crazy coupe". See pictures below. My Mom found this at a garage sale and I think it was a great find!

Injured toes (glistening with some Neosporin).
She loves going fast!

Watch out! Here she comes! Thanks Granny Hedger for getting this for her! She looks forward to it whenever she goes over there! And thanks, Uncle Sam for pushing her around!

As to why I haven't been keeping up on posting, I've been couponing (a new word? :). Kroger has been having a big sale, so I've been planning and clipping and organizing and searching to find the best deals. (Cereal for $0.15-0.25, Hamburger Helper for 0.15, baby food for pennies, lots of stuff for practically free, how could I pass it up?) Now our pantry is stocked (tons of ceral, Hamburger Helper, brownies, muffin mixes, snack bars, etc!) and we're ready for Football Time in Tennessee and Care group!

Speaking of care group, Matt and I just finished a class in our church called Equip. We will be starting a care group some time next month or in October. Scott and Ashley went through the class with us and will also be starting a group. We are very excited about this opportunity and pray that God uses us to accomplish His purposes.

I love my life and being a stay at home Mom! I wouldn't trade it for anything and I appreciate the ability to do it. My days are currently filled (besides couponing, grocery shopping and meal planning/preparation) with caring for Libby, trying to play with her more and read more books to her, the never-ending saga of keeping Libby's current size clothes in her drawers (putting away last month's size clothes, pulling out next month's size clothes), washing Libby's clothes (and ours when I get a chance :), keeping the house clean (it's amazing how fast it gets dirty and a mess, with baby toys in every room), keeping Libby clean (she could probably use a bath every day!), taking pictures, getting some work hours in, and blogging (in my spare time -and that's why it's only been hapening once a week :). Matt works hard at work all day so I can stay home and try to keep up with all this stuff. Then he gets home and tries to get a little Libby time in before dinner, resting for a bit, then off to bed so he can wake up and do it all again the next day. We love the weekends! I love being able to hang out with Matt all day!!! So does Libby. Our evenings look like this: We try to run with our friends Holly and Adam on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Every other Friday night is care group. And we try to squeeze a date night in when we can. (I love date night!) So that's kind of our life right now.

Now for some videos!
Other things that Libby has learned. She can now clap (not sure if I posted that yet). And she loves to clap and dance to music! She can also wave and loves to wave to people as they're walking out the door. She also likes to yell "good-bye"(at least I think that's what she's saying). Here are a couple of videos of her clapping (she was kind of grumpy -teething and nap time- so she wasn't cooperating very well).

She is so close to crawling now! She can get up on her hands and knees and was having trouble moving her hands, but now she can do it! Today she made it 6-8 paces before flopping down on her stomach. Her method is now up on hand and knees, move knees, move hands, flop on to stomach and start over. But after today, I think the more I put her on her stomach, the faster she'll learn and I wouldn't doubt it if she was crawling off her belly by next week. I think she likes having the choice of where she want to go. I put Cheerios on the ground for her to follow and she decided to come to me. Then later I put toys on the ground and she dcecided to go play with Rose. Rose has been so patient and tollerant with her! And, bonus, she doesnt' lick her to death! Here's a couple of videos of her crawling (one with pants and one without). The pants make it hard on the laminate floors, but protect her knees on the carpet. And then another video of her playing with Rose.

I'll have to post the other videos tommorrow. So long for now!

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