Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swinging, Bathtime, Eating, Work and Rose!

We went to the park with a friend from Matt's work (also a high school buddy). They have two adorable little girls. Here is a picture of Libby swinging on the swings. Matt and Eddy were playing tennis while we took the girls on the swings. Libby loves to swing! I can't believe I've only taken her on them a few times in her life so far.


Here is their littlest girl, Taylor.
I couldn't believe it, but she fell asleep while swinging! Maria said this is normal and happens a lot.
Then, after swinging for a little while, Libby joined her in her snooze-fest! I couldn't believe it! She was out! I love her little fists.

Here are some pics of Libby in the tub. She's been sitting on her own for a while now, so she graduated from the baby bath. Libby enjoys playing with her toys!

I just pulled out for the first time, her bath seat that I got on consignment last year. Libby loved it and it gave her a little more freedom to play.

Here are some pics of Libby eating her Fruity Cheerios. After the goldfish incident I've been giving her a lot more to try to chew up. She does well with Cheerios and they have the added benefit of keeping her occupied!

She still has some trouble getting the little things into her mouth. Her method is this: Grab them in her fist and squeeze her fist so they stick to her hand, then open her hand and try to eat it off.
A little assistance from hand #2. :)
"Yes, I got it!"

The quality of the pics don't show up so good on the blog. I love this picture on the camera and computer!
Eating goldfish on the floor at work.

Training up for the future. "Magnum Venus Plastech, This is Libby, How can I help you?"
I love her little ponytail!
"Mommy, you better get that phone!"
Having fun in the toy basket at work.
I may have posted this one before, but I thought it was so cute!

Here is a quick video of Libby "playing" with Rose. Sorry about the spit-up in the beginning. She's getting better, but still spits up now and again. She likes pulling Rose's tail and trying to eat it. She's also fascinated by Rose's ears. Rose doesn't seem to mind and tolerates it very well! Libby LOVES dogs! Maybe it's because she's had so much interaction with so many already. She likes to watch them. Not so big a fan of the kisses (Maggie and Dublin!) but she sometimes tries to kiss them back. :)

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